Florenian National Order

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Florenian National Order
Awarded by Parliament
TypeOrder of Chivalry
EligibilityAny Florenian citizen or non-citizen who has done service to the Kingdom
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignEran of Florenia
GradesKnight/Dame Commander (KCFN/DCFN), Knight/Dame (KFN/DFN), Commander (CFN), Member (MFN)
First induction10 August 2012
Last induction10 August 2012
Total inductees8 (5 K/DCFN, 3 K/DFN)
Next (higher)Order of Honor
Next (lower)Order of the Crown

The Florenian National Order is a Florenian Order of Chivalry founded in an Act of Parliament on 10 August 2012, and is the second highest Order of Chivalry in Florenia. The Order is awarded to any Florenian National or international individual who has done service to the Kingdom. Following honors reform that took place in early september 2013, the grades of the order were rearranged, and individuals assigned to different grades.

The Order has four grades or ranks: Knight/Dame Commander, Knight/Dame, Commander, and Member. Members of the two highest ranks of the Order are entitled to use the prefix Sir if male or Dame if female. The Florenian National Order is second in precedence only to the Order of Honor, the newest and most prestigious order of chivalry in Florenia.


Knights/Dames Commander of the Florenian National Order

Knights/Dames of the Florenian National Order