Ministry of Defense (Florenia)

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Ministry of Defense
Ministry overview
Formed11 August 2012
JurisdictionKingdom of Florenia
HeadquartersPalace of State,
Dominion of Afula
Minister responsible
Child Ministry
WebsiteOfficial webpage

The Ministry of Defense is the Florenian government ministry responsible for all military and defense operations of Florenia. Its responsibilities include supervising the Florenian Armed Forces and its two constitute branches, the Royal Army and Royal Navy, as well as overseeing the Kingdom's borders. The Ministry is directed by the Minister of Defense, who is appointed by the Monarch on advice of the Prime Minister. The current Minister of Defense is The Prince Henry.

As Florenia's armed forces rarely operate, the Ministry is able to remain largely inactive; it acts mostly to respond to particular incidents rather than engaging in shows of force. There have been occasional pushes by Prince Henry to obtain standardized equipment for the armed forces, but budget and legal issues have prevented this from occurring.