Prime Minister of Florenia

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Prime Minister of Florenia
Florenia PM Seal.png
Seal of the Prime Minister
The Prince Nathan

since 17 August 2011
StyleThe Right Honorable
Member ofThe Cabinet
ResidenceNone official
SeatPalace of State,
Dominion of Afula
AppointerMonarch of Florenia
by convention, after winning a general election
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Florenia
First holderThe Prince Nathan

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Florenia is the head of government of the Kingdom of Florenia. The Prime Minister is responsible for overseeing all functions of the Florenian government, and as such nominates all government ministers (who are then officially named by the Monarch), delegates responsibilities to these ministers, and presides over the Cabinet when it convenes. The Prime Minister also acts under the authority of certain royal prerogatives, such as the command of the Florenian Armed Forces and general administration of His Majesty's Government in the name of the Monarch.

The official headquarters of the government, and therefore the official office of the Prime Minister, is the Palace of State in the Dominion of Afula. Lexington House in the Dominion of Lexington serves as another government office.

The first and incumbent Prime Minister is founder of Florenia The Prince Nathan. Although not initially elected, Prince Nathan was supported by Eran of Florenia until the first election, in which he was successful. Prince Nathan is the most active member of the government of Florenia, and as Prime Minister oversees the general functions of the nation.


  • The Prime Minister may preside over Parliament.
  • The Prime Minister may veto the denial of royal assent by the Monarch, with the approval of Parliament.
  • The Prime Minister may nominate the members of the Cabinet for appointment by the Monarch.
  • The Prime Minister may preside over the Cabinet.
  • The Prime Minister may cast the deciding vote should Parliament reach a tied decision.
  • The Prime Minister must approve all declarations of war.
  • The Prime Minister may command the Florenian Armed Forces.

Currently, the Prime Minister is the most active member of the government by far, and if not for the role of the Monarch in passing legislation, would govern de facto single-handedly. The incumbent Prime Minister only calls upon his Cabinet when he needs them, and does not expect very much other then what he requests.

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name
Honorifics and Constituency
Term of office

Electoral mandates
Other offices held Party Cabinets Monarch
1 No portrait His Royal Highness
The Prince Nathan
MP for Afula
17 August
Incumbent Democratic Liberal 1st Cabinet Eran
2011, 2013
First and to-date only Prime Minister of Florenia. First elected in 2011 and reelected in 2013, instituted all government action and proposed all bills in Parliament. Formed a small Cabinet, and governed mostly single-handedly. Formed the Florenian judiciary, codified the government and Armed Forces, and instated a penal code. After over a year of inactivity, was ordered by Eran of Florenia to draw up plans for institutional reform under the terms of the November Declaration. Oversaw the Florenian annexation of the Dominion of Lexington.