The Barn

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The Barn
General information
Architectural styleGable bank barn
LocationDominion of Afula,
Kingdom of Florenia
Current tenantsFlorenian royal family
Parliament of Florenia
OwnerThe Crown

The Barn is the second-largest building in the Kingdom of Florenia. Located in the Dominion of Afula, Florenia's capital, the Barn is the property of the Crown. Along with the Palace of State, it is one of only two free-standing buildings in the Kingdom. The Barn has a large garage attached on its western side, a space which is used for storage.

Completed in 1900 and used as farm storage, the Barn was later renovated for use as an art studio prior to its purchase by the Crown. The Barn is now used as a recreation space by the Florenian royal family, with the Crown completing extensive structural and cosmetic renovations of the building in 2020 to further that purpose following many years of falling into disuse and disrepair. This project included the addition of many doors and windows, the alteration of a small kitchen, and refitting the exterior with blue-gray siding over the Barn's previous distinctive yellow. Renovations also included the replacement of the large elevated deck and large windows on its eastern side which overlook Floren Pond and the Princes Islands. It also houses the Barn Bookshelves, the largest location of the Florenian Library.

The Barn was designated as the official meeting place for the Parliament of Florenia in the Parliament Act 2024.