Monarchy of Florenia

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King of Florenia
Royal Coat of Arms of Florenia

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent HRH The Prince Nathan
First monarch Eran
Formation 22 April 2011

The Monarchy of Florenia, commonly referred to as the Florenian Monarchy or, as the legal institution, the Crown, is the constitutional monarchy the Kingdom of Florenia. Formed upon the founding of Florenia on 22 April 2011, the reigning monarch, Eran of Florenia, has reigned since the creation. The Monarch has many responsibilities, the most important of which is granting royal assent to all Acts of Florenian Parliament for them to become Law. The Monarch's primary role is as a symbol of national unity and a nonaffiliated leader of the nation.

On 25 November 2016, the King issued the November Declaration, a decree in which he claimed temporary powers and assumed the style of His Majesty, doing away with the word Royal.

Powers and duties

Under Florenian Law, the monarch has the following powers and duties, and is constantly receiving more as the nation develops.

  • The Monarch must grant royal assent to all Acts of Parliament before they can become law.
  • The Monarch appoints and swears in the Prime Minister upon the winning of a general election.
  • The Monarch appoints all members of the Cabinet on advice of the Prime Minister.
  • The Monarch appoints confirmed Justices and Consuls of the Crown Court.
  • The Monarch serves as the Head of State of Florenia, and therefore is the general political face of the nation.
  • The Monarch is official Commander-in-Chief of the Florenian Armed Forces.
  • The Monarch has the power to control all royal styles and arms.
  • The Monarch may award Knighthoods and Honors to individuals.
  • The Monarch may create Peerages for individuals.

Line of succession

Royal cipher of Eran

The line of succession to the Throne of Florenia is slightly more complicated and different from most other royal lines of succession. First in line is The Prince Nathan, the eldest son of the King, who is followed, as per usual, by his brothers, uncle, aunt, and cousins. However, after all of the members of the king's immediate family, Queen Jane's father, The Most Hon Earl Fialko, continues the line of succession, followed by the Queen's immediate family. The line of succession is as follows:

Current monarch: Eran

 Simple gold crown.png HM Eran

  1.  HRH The Prince Nathan
  2.  HRH The Prince Henry
  3.  HRH The Prince Zachary
  4.  HRH The Duke of Wolcott (Prince Eyal)
  5.  HRH Prince Noah of Wolcott
  6.  HRH The Duchess of Milton (Princess Dalit)
  7.  HRH Prince Daniel of Milton
  8.  HRH Princess Nina of Milton
  9. The Most Hon The Earl Fialko (The Lord John)
  10.  The Hon Baron Exeter (Lord Daniel)
  11.  The Hon Lord Thomas
  12.  The Hon Lord William
  13.  The Hon Lord Jeffery
  14.  The Lord Jack
  15.  HG The Duchess of Fishrock (Lady Isabella)
  16.  The Hon Lady June
  17.  The Lady Juliana
  18.  Lukas
  19.  Maya
  20.  The Lady Lauren
  21.  Everett
  22.  George
  23.  The Rt Hon The Baroness of Plymouth (Lady Deborah)