Dominion of Lexington

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Dominion of Lexington
Map of Florenia with Lexington highlighted
Map of Florenia with Lexington highlighted
Country Kingdom of Florenia
Established9 February 2017
 • Total0.07 acres (0.03 ha)
 • Water0 acres (0 ha)
 • Total5
Time zoneEastern Time

The Dominion of Lexington is the smaller of the two non-contiguous territories that comprise the Kingdom of Florenia. Annexed on 9 February 2017 by a royal declaration issued by Eran of Florenia, Lexington is comprised entirely of Lexington House, the principal residence of the Monarch and the Florenian royal family despite the fact that the Palace of State in the Dominion of Afula, Florenia's capital, is the Monarch's official residence and the headquarters of the government. Lexington House also serves an official office of the government.

The Florenian flag displayed in Lexington.

The structure that houses Lexington House was completed in 1915, with the Crown purchasing the residence in 2010. Since this purchase, Lexington has been the primary residence of the royal family, yet remained outside of the Kingdom of Florenia. In February 2017, however, Eran and the government saw fit to finally annex Lexington, making it the first addition to Florenia's territory since independence in 2011.