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Fishrock during the winter, looking east
LocationDominion of Afula,
Kingdom of Florenia
Sizeapprox. 8 sq. ft.

Fishrock is an important landmark in traditional Florenian culture located in the Dominion of Afula, Florenia's national capital, consisting of a rock which protrudes from the ground. Named by the children of Eran of Florenia during the early 2000s due to its resemblance to the shape of a fish's body, Fishrock was an extremely popular location for the princes and their young relatives to play, and thus maintains an important historical character for the Florenian Royal Family and, by extension, Florenian culture at large. The rock itself has approximate surface measurements of 1.5 feet by 5 feet, though the term Fishrock is often used to refer to the few feet immediately surrounding the rock as well.

Fishrock is the namesake of the Dukedom of Fishrock, a Florenian peerage held by Eran's niece Lady Isabella. She was granted the peerage on 28 December 2011, with Fishrock used as the title's territorial designation by Lady Isabella's request.

Fishrock lies on the southeast corner of Afula's groomed lawn, only a few feet from the tall grass. It is just over 150 feet southeast of the Palace of State, 235 feet west of Eran National Park, and 175 feet from Florenia's southeast border with the United States. It is light gray in color and partially covered by moss and lichen.