Dukedom of Fishrock

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Dukedom of Fishrock
Creation date 28 December 2011
Created by Eran of Florenia
Peerage Peerage of Florenia
First holder Lady Isabella, Duchess of Fishrock
Present holder Lady Isabella, Duchess of Fishrock
Remainder to The Duchess's descendants
Subsidiary titles Viscountess Berwyn

The Dukedom of Fishrock is a Florenian Dukedom currently held by Lady Isabella. It was created under a Nobility Act of Florenian Parliament, and was signed by Eran. After the passing of the Peerage and Nobility Act 2012 by Parliament, the Dukedom became a hereditary Peerage.

History and geography

The term dukedom legally refers to the title and the rights and privileges thereof, and does not refer to any suzerainty or ownership over its territorial designation. Fishrock, though, is a physical location within the Dominion of Afula, and refers to a large rock embedded in the ground that resembles the shape of a fish. The rock itself is approximately one and half feet by four feet, but Fishrock as a legal territory officially covers the surrounding five feet of land as well.

The dukedom was created for the Lady Isabella by her cousin The Prince Nathan in an Act of Parliament (signed on 12 of December 2011) upon her request after the Prince's offer to her of a title. She had always felt an attachment for the Fishrock, as the rock is commonly referred to, insisting that the cousins go to it while visiting. Upon the signing of the Act, Isabella's simple title became The Lady Isabella, Duchess of Fishrock, and she was given the style of The Honorable. However, after an act of Parliament reorganized the titles of nobility, she was given the style which she currently holds of Her Grace. The dukedom is one of only two non-royal dukedoms in Florenia (the other being the Dukedom of Fortchester), and as such is the highest ranking non-royal peerage.