Peerage of Florenia

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The Peerage of Florenia is the body of individuals holding hereditary titles within the Kingdom of Florenia. Individuals that hold these titles are referred to as peers if male and peeresses if female. Currently, there are seven individuals who hold peerage titles, four of whom are peers and three of whom are peeresses.


Coronet of a Florenian Duke

Dukedoms are peerages held by Dukes if male, and Duchesses if female. If the holder of the ducal title does not hold the style of royal highness, then the peer or peeress and their consort are styled His or Her Grace. Five dukedoms have been created for individuals within Florenia, and three of these people are royal highnesses. Only one Duke is not blood related to the Royal Family; the Duke of Fortchester, though he is a close friend of the Royal Family. The dukedoms and their peers are, in order of precedence:

  1. Dukedom of Southbury
    • Vacant
  2. Dukedom of Wolcott
    • Prince Eyal, 1st Duke of Wolcott
  3. Dukedom of Milton
    • Princess Dalit, 1st Duchess of Milton
  4. Dukedom of Fishrock
  5. Dukedom of Fortchester
    • Lord Jacob, 1st Duke of Fortchester


Coronet of a Florenian Earl

Earldoms are the peerages held by Earls if male, and Countesses if female. Earldoms can either be associated with a place (eg. Earl of Afula) or with a surname (eg. Earl Fialko). Earls and Countesses are permitted to use the style of The Most Honorable. There is currently only one earldom in Florenia, which is the earldom created for Lord John, father-in-law of Eran of Florenia. It was inherited by Lord John's son Lord Daniel.

  1. Earl Fialko
    • Lord Daniel, 2nd Earl Fialko


Coronet of a Florenian Baron

Baronies are the peerages held by Barons if male, and Baronesses if female. Like earldoms, baronies can either be associated with a place (eg. Baroness of Plymouth) or with a surname (eg. Baron Fialko). Barons and Baronesses are permitted to use the style of the Right Honorable. There is currently only one barony in Florenia, and it is held by the Minister of Education The Lady Deborah.

  1. Baroness of Plymouth