Ministry of Education (Florenia)

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Ministry of Education
Ministry overview
Formed 2 January 2012
Jurisdiction Kingdom of Florenia
Headquarters Palace of State,
Dominion of Afula
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Vacant
Website Official webpage

The Ministry of Education is the Florenian government ministry with the responsibility of maintaining the education policy of the Kingdom and of enforcing the educations of Florenians who have not yet completed a high school level education. The Ministry is overseen by the Minister of Education, a member of the Cabinet and therefore appointed by the Prime Minister. The current Minister of Education is Lady Deborah, Baroness of Plymouth, who was appointed by the incumbent Prime Minister The Prince Nathan upon the creation of the ministry on 2 January 2012. A former teacher of over 30 years, the Minister was appointed because of her experience, dedication, and relationship with the Prime Minister.

The current policy of Florenia regarding education is to enforce the high school educations of all of its citizens. Since Florenia is unable to provide this education themselves, all citizens are required to obtain their education at a foreign institution. So far, the Ministry has had very few actual duties, and all citizens are currently abiding by the education policy and regulations.