Dominion of Afula

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Dominion of Afula
Eran National Park during autumn with Floren Pond in the background
Eran National Park during autumn with Floren Pond in the background
Flag of Afula
Country Kingdom of Florenia
Established22 April 2011
upon Florenian independence
22 July 2012
gained Electorate status
25 November 2016
gained Dominion status
 • SovereignEran
 (July 2023)
 • Total5
Time zoneEastern Time

The Dominion of Afula is the capital of the Kingdom of Florenia. Afula was the first territory and the only land claimed by Florenia for nearly six years until the annexation of the Dominion of Lexington on 9 February 2017. Afula is owned almost entirely by Eran of Florenia. The Dominion elects one Member of Parliament, currently The Prince Nathan. Afula is made up of four landmasses; the main land mass and the Princes Islands. Afula contains Floren Pond, from which the name "Florenia" is derived. The pond is man-made and was made by Carl and Nellie Floren, both deceased. The Pond is around 17.5 acres, which comprises the majority of Afula's territory. There are four islands in Floren Pond. The three larger ones are Nathan Island, Henry Island, and Zachary Island, named after the three Princes. Nathan Island is the only island fit to walk on and has a stone plaque commemorating the Floren family. It is connected by tree roots to the smallest island. The smallest is about 5 ft by 5 ft and was originally named Norton Island, after Emperor Norton, by The Prince Nathan. However, it was renamed Izzy Island by Prince Nathan after Lady Isabella when she took interest in the pond.

The Florenian Constitution was signed in Afula on 5 September 2011 by Prince Nathan and Eran.

On 25 November 2016, Eran renamed the Dominion to Afula by royal declaration. He also removed its designation as an electorate, as he suspended Parliament in the same edict.

A map of Afula with Floren Pond in blue, Eran National Park in green, and all other crown property in yellow.

Afula is currently the largest Florenian territory, and its 25 acres make up the vast majority of the Kingdom's land. There are two buildings in Afula. The first is the residence of the Royal Family, now known as the Palace of State. The Palace of State was an old farmhouse that was renovated by the Royal Family and houses sleeping and living arrangements for the members of the Monarch's immediate and extended families. It also serves as the official headquarters of the government. The second building is commonly referred to as the Barn, and is sometimes used as an office for the Prime Minister. This building was used as a storage facility for farm equipment before being sold to Eran. It contains a small loft with a bed, and a bathroom, an open kitchen, and living space on the main level. Prince Nathan has expressed interest in giving the barn a real Florenian purpose, and has sometimes referred to it as the "capital building."

Afula is also home to Eran National Park, the only Florenian national park or protected area of any kind. It consists of a small forested area on the coast of Floren Pond and is approximately 2 acres in size. It was established by the passage of the Property Act 2013 on November 9 after the Environment Act 2013 created the designation of a national park on September 20. It is under the administration of the Ministry of Environment.