Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Florenia)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry overview
Formed30 September 2012
JurisdictionKingdom of Florenia
HeadquartersPalace of State,
Dominion of Afula
Minister responsible
WebsiteOfficial webpage

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, often shortened to the Foreign Ministry, is the Florenian government ministry with the responsibility of managing the diplomatic affairs and international relations of the Kingdom. The Ministry was founded under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Act 2012, an Act of Parliament passed on 30 September 2012. Sarisha Danforth has served as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs since 13 January 2022.

Foreign relations

Florenia's first formal foreign policy decision consisted in granting recognition to all Grand Unified Micronational member states, a policy which has since been abandoned. The foreign ministry also previously published statements regarding recognition of macronational state entities as well, including granting recognition to United Nations member states while withholding recognition from Palestine. Florenia presently does not maintain any official policy of recognition towards macronational entities and the foreign ministry has abandoned its former outlook of establishing general standards with which to apply recognition of sovereignty.

The Kingdom has, throughout its history, signed treaties with only three nations, though the Florenian government has maintained friendly relations with numerous other foreign governments and officials. Foreign relations have consistently been and still are considered of lesser importance to Florenia's government, and the Prince Nathan has been known to promote internal development as a means for achieving and maintaining external recognition, though this external recognition is not a stated goal of the government.

List of ministers

Image Name Term of office Ministry
Position known as Minister of Foreign Affairs Eran
His Royal Highness
The Prince Nathan
9 February 2013 13 January 2022 1st Nathan Ministry
(Democratic Liberal)
Position known as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Sarisha Danforth 13 January 2022 Incumbent Council of State

Treaties of mutual recognition

Other recognized nations

Bold text indicates official mutual recognition.