Council Office

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Council Office
Office overview
Formed26 April 2021
JurisdictionKingdom of Florenia
HeadquartersPalace of State,
Dominion of Afula
Office executive
Parent officeCouncil of State

The Council Office is a Florenian government agency responsible for supporting the work of the Council of State and coordinating the policies and activities of various government bodies. Founded as part of the major reforms implemented during the Resolution Plan, the Council Office was founded alongside the Council of State by order II Eran 2021 (The Council of State) on 26 April 2021. Eran of Florenia appointed The Prince Nathan to serve as secretary on 13 January 2022

The Council Office is responsible for ensuring the ability of the Council of State, the government ministries, and all government agencies to function effectively, as well as coordinating between them. The Council Office is also responsible for communication between the Council, Parliament, and the sovereign, reporting on the activities of the Council. It also maintains records of all Orders in Council, Orders of Council, Acts of Parliament, and other statutory instruments.