Resolution Plan

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The Resolution Plan is an ongoing Florenian initiative to implement the the principles of the Resolution on Florenian Government. Beginning with a national plebiscite, the plan culminates in the replacement of Florenia's current system of government. Consisting of multiple, interlocking steps, the plan is divided into three major phases:

  • The Referendum phase (17-19 April) was first, when the Resolution referendum determined that the plan will progress and willing citizens preregistered for membership in Parliament
  • The Basis phase (20-22 April) is second, when the Crown and Parliament will issue legislation establishing the central institutions of the Florenian state
  • The Arrangement phase (22-24 April) is third and last, when the government will establish further state bodies and additional functions

The plan was laid out by The Prince Nathan in an official release published by The Florenian Journal in the early evening of 16 April 2021.