Nathan's Parliament

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Parliament of Florenia
Nathan's Parliament
1st Parliament
Founded5 September 2011
Disbanded25 November 2016
Succeeded by2nd Parliament of Florenia
since 22 April 2011
The Prince Nathan, DLP
since 17 August 2011
SeatsThe Monarch
The Prime Minister
1 MP
Political groups
Dem Lib (1)
Last election
29 July 2012

Nathan's Parliament is the name given to the Parliament of Florenia from its foundation on 5 September 2011 until its suspension on 25 November 2016. It served as the national legislature of the Kingdom of Florenia despite only having one member: The Prince Nathan. Although Parliament promulgated laws from its foundation, the Parliament Act 2012 revised many aspects of Parliament as laid out in the 2011 Constitution, including making provision for the election of members. Each Florenian electorate elected one MP to represent them, and with Afula as Florenia's only electorate, the Prince fully controlled the legislative process.

On 25 November 2016, Eran issued the November Declaration, suspending Parliament and instituting temporary personal rule. He also ordered the government to begin institutional political reform, and proclaimed that his decrees shall be treated with the authority of acts of Parliament until otherwise stated. Parliament remained under suspension until its re-foundation as a direct democracy on 26 April 2021 under the terms of the Resolution on Florenian Government, which was approved by the Florenian people in the Resolution referendum between 17 and 19 April.


Nathan's Parliament had no uniform structure for meetings due to the fact that, with one member, scheduled meetings were unnecessary. However, the prime minister would have presided over meetings if further members were elected. The Monarch was never obligated to attend sessions of Parliament.

The process of a law being passed by Parliament began with a member of Parliament, or the prime minister, proposing a bill. The bill would be debated and revised by Parliament until determined suitable by a simple majority of its members. Any member could call for a vote at any time and, if the presiding officer allowed it, the bill could be voted on again. If a vote reached a tie, then the prime minister had the responsibility of casting a deciding vote. All bills, as they do today, required the Monarch's royal assent to enter into law. If the Monarch were to deny royal assent, the prime minister had the option to veto his or her decision to do so. If at least 65 percent of the members voted in favor of the veto, the bill became law.

Although these specific processes and regulations were established by the Parliament Act 2021, Nathan's Parliament, with only one member, rarely made formal use of them.


Each Florenian electorate elected one member of Parliament, unless Parliament saw reason for it to receive more representation. The Dominion of Afula was previously the Kingdom's sole electorate until Eran removed its status as an electorate by royal decree. Afula had The Prince Nathan as its MP since 29 July 2012, though he had served in Parliament since its foundation on 5 September 2011. The King was the only other person directly involved in the law-making process in granting royal assent.

The Prince Nathan was the leader of the Democratic Liberal Party for the majority of Nathan's Parliament, though the party never convened and served no designated functions.

# Picture Name Political Party Electorate Details
1. None HRH Prince Nathan Democratic Liberal Party Afula Prime Minister and was Acting MP for Afula until winning the election on July 29.