Resolution referendum

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Resolution referendum
17–19 April 2021

Do you approve of the adoption of the Resolution on Florenian Government?
LocationKingdom of Florenia
Votes %
Yes 7 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
No 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Valid votes 7 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
Invalid or blank votes 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Total votes 7 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 9 &1000000000000007778000077.78%

The Resolution referendum was a plebiscite held between 17 and 19 April 2021 in the Kingdom of Florenia regarding the future of Florenia's government and state structure. The referendum was first called in the Resolution on Florenian Government, a document authored by The Prince Nathan proposing new broad principles around which to organize Florenia's operation, and was initially slated to begin on 10 September 2020. It was delayed until 17 April 2021, constituting phase one of the Resolution Plan for implementing the new system.

The referendum resulted in the sound adoption of the resolution, with 7 voting in favor and 0 against according to results released by the government in the early afternoon on 20 April.

All Florenian citizens were eligible to vote in the referendum, which was held online, answering the question "do you approve of the adoption of the Resolution on Florenian Government?" Alongside their ballot, all voters received the opportunity to preregister for membership in Florenia's Parliament, which will become a direct democracy as a result of the Resolution's adoption, with 5 voters opting to join the legislature.