College of Arms (Florenia)

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College of Arms of Florenia
Royal department
Founded11 August 2012
FounderEran of Florenia
HeadquartersDominion of Afula
Area served
Key people
Eran of Florenia, Monarch
Prince Nathan of Florenia, Chief Herald Armiger
ServicesManaging and recording all heraldic and noble affairs

The College of Arms of Florenia is a royal organization that supervises the recording and creation of coats of arms, as well as documenting the nobility and peerage of the Kingdom of Florenia. The College of Arms was established on 11 August 2012 with the passage of the College of Arms Act 2012 by Parliament in order to create an official and efficient means for developing and regulating many of the national symbols and heraldic efforts of the Kingdom.

The College of Arms is led by the Chief Herald Armiger, currently The Prince Nathan, who is appointed by Parliament on advice of the Monarch. He is currently the only herald employed by the College of Arms.

The College of Arms has been responsible for designing nearly all of Florenia's coats of arms, flags, and seals, including the official seal of the Crown Court of Florenia, the ensign of the Florenian Royal Navy, and, most notably, the Royal Coat of Arms of Florenia, the arms of the Monarch that serve as the arms of the Kingdom as a whole.