Eran National Park

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Eran National Park
Eran National Park winter.jpg
Eran National Park in the winter
National Park
Location Dominion of Afula,
Kingdom of Florenia
Area approx. 2 acres
Established 9 November 2013
Authorized by Property Act 2013
Environment Act 2013
Governing body Ministry of Environment

Eran National Park, formerly known as Eran I National Park, is a national park in the Dominion of Afula, the capital of the Kingdom of Florenia. It is the only national park or protected area of any kind in the Kingdom, and similarly is the only property in the Kingdom that is not in the possession of the Crown, but rather is owned by the government. Administration of the national park is carried out by the Ministry of Environment, which is responsible for all environmental affairs within the Kingdom. It is named after the reigning King of Florenia, Eran.

The park has an approximate area of just over 2 acres, and is comprised entirely of forest within Afula. It lays on the southern shore of Floren Pond, and is bordered by Afula on all sides except for the east, where it borders the United States.

Eran National Park was established on 9 November 2013 by the Property Act 2013, which set aside the "forested area" of Afula for the creation of a national park. This followed the passage of the Environment Act 2013 by Parliament on September 20, which created the status of national park and protected area. The park was established as incumbent Prime Minister The Prince Nathan was preparing to appoint The Prince Henry to the position of Minister of Environment, and as such consulted him on certain aspects of the park. The most debate between the ministers regarded the name of the park, with the Prime Minister preferring Eran I National Park and The Prince Henry preferring a name that referred to the geography of the park, such as Green Cliff National Park. In the end, the Prime Minister named the park after the King, and subsequently appointed The Prince Henry as minister on 29 December 2013 to oversee administration of the park.