Lady Deborah, Baroness of Plymouth

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The Baroness of Plymouth

Minister of Education
Assumed office
2 January 2012
Prime MinisterThe Prince Nathan
Preceded byOffice established
Personal details
Born20 September
United States
NationalityFlorenian, American
Political partyDemocratic Liberal

Lady Deborah, Baroness of Plymouth DH DFN is a Florenian politician and peeress who currently serves as Florenia's Minister of Education. She is the daughter of Lord John, 1st Earl Fialko, elder sister of Queen Jane of Florenia, and aunt of the incumbent Prime Minister who appointed her, The Prince Nathan. She was named to the position of Minister of Education by Prince Nathan on 2 January 2012, and has held the position since.

Lady Deborah is the highest ranking woman in Florenian government and the only woman to serve in a government position. She also holds the last position in the line of succession to the Florenian throne, currently 23rd in line.

Lady Deborah was named to the Cabinet in an Act of Parliament authored by Prince Nathan founding the Ministry of Education as an independent, and subsequently joined the Democratic Liberal Party in March 2013. During her tenure as Minister, the ministry has not had to directly enforce the Florenian education policy. By law, Florenian citizens must receive a high school level education, and, during her tenure, all Florenian citizens are doing or have done so.

Lady Deborah was elevated to the title of Baroness of Plymouth by an Act of Parliament given royal assent by Eran on 2 September 2013, due to her service to Florenia as Minister of Education and her sewing of Florenia's first physical flag. She was also made a Dame of the Florenian National Order and Dame of Honor, Florenia's highest chivalric honor.

Titles and styles

  • Reference Style: The Right Honorable
  • Spoken Style: Minister
  • Alternative Style: Madam
  • 20 September - 2 January 2012: Miss Deborah
  • 2 January 2012 - 2 September 2013: The Right Honorable Lady Deborah
  • 2 September 2013 – present: The Right Honorable The Baroness of Plymouth