Cabinet of Florenia

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Prince Nathan Cabinet
1st ministry of Florenia

Date formed 9 February 2013
Date dissolved 13 January 2022
People and organizations
Head of government The Prince Nathan
Head of state Eran of Florenia
Ministers removed
Member party Democratic Liberal
Status in legislature Majority
Legislature term(s) 1 year
Previous Cabinet created
Successor Council of State

The Cabinet of Florenia was the collective group of Florenian government ministers appointed by the Monarch on recommendation from the Prime Minister under Florenia’s previous political system. The Cabinet had the responsibility of advising the Prime Minister on political issues, specifically those that are related to their ministry, and the responsibility of carrying out the duties that Prime Minister has allocated them. As a whole, the Cabinet had no legislative power, but was the executive body of the Kingdom of Florenia. Because the Prime Minister was an elected position, unlike most other parliamentary democracies, he or she was able to choose any Florenian individual to be a government minister, not only Members of Parliament.

Following the adoption of the Resolution on Florenian Government by the Florenian electorate in the Resolution referendum, the Cabinet was succeeded in its role by the Council of State, a body with significantly different collective responsibilities. The first councilors were appointed by Eran on 13 January 2022, whereupon the cabinet definitively ceased to exist.

Current structure and incumbents

Office Name Party In office since Term end
Prime Minister The Prince Nathan DLP 17 August 2011 Incumbent
Deputy Prime Minister Vacant N/A 30 March 2013
Minister of Defense The Prince Henry DLP 3 September 2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs The Prince Nathan 9 February 2013
Minister of Education The Baroness of Plymouth 2 January 2012
Minister of Finance Vacant N/A 1 November 2012
Minister of Environment The Prince Henry DLP 29 December 2013
Attorney General Vacant N/A 10 August 2014

All government ministers are appointed by the Monarch on advice of the Prime Minister, who may remove them from office at any time. Currently, only three individuals sit on the Cabinet, and fill a total of five positions (including Prime Minister). In addition to his duties as Prime Minister, The Prince Nathan also serves as Foreign Minister, and has dones so since he appointed himself to the position on 9 February 2013. He appointed The Prince Henry to the position of Minister of Defense on 3 September 2011, and The Lady Deborah to the position of Minister of Education on 1 November 2012. The Prince Henry was appointed to the position of Minister of Environment on 29 December 2013, and joined the Democratic Liberal Party later that day.

The Cabinet has not held any formal meetings since its foundation, although there have been many periods of time during which they could be held. Prince Nathan has stated that a full cabinet meeting will be organized and held when it is deemed necessary. The Prime Minister is the most active minister, but has not called upon other ministers to work harder or commit themselves more the their respective ministries. As Minister of Defense, The Prince Henry has worked to make the Royal Army, particularly in attempting to acquire uniforms for all soldiers and better weaponry. This endeavor is currently in progress.