History of Florenia

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The Kingdom of Florenia was founded by HRH Prince Nathan. Before coming into control of the Kingdom, it saw many different rulers.

British Colony

The land of the Kingdom was part of the Colony of Connecticut from 1636-1776.[1] The colony was under the rule of the Kingdom of England from 1636-1649,[2] the Commonwealth of England from 1649-1660,[3] again the Kingdom of England from 1660-1707, and then the Kingdom of Great Britain from 1707-1776.[4] All of the monarchs that ruled over Florenia while it was part of the Colony were as the following[5][6]

The colony left Great Britain when the United States of America declared independence in 1776.[7] Connecticut became one of the thirteen original states.

United States of America

The land of the Kingdom was under the control and was part of the nation of the United States of America from 1776-early 2011. It was located in the State of Connecticut. The Kingdom saw the Presidencies of the first 44 Presidents of the United States. The farmhouse, now the Royal Palace, was built in 1786. There is not much information on the early owners of the house, but it is known that in the 1940's the Floren family bought the house and the large plot of land. The Florens turned a large swamp into a 17 acre pond, and named it Floren pond, hence the name Florenia. They split up the large plot of land into smaller ones and sold them. They kept the original farmhouse for themselves, until selling it in 1984. The buyers then sold it to Eran I and Queen Jane in 1999, before they were royals. The farmhouse was renovated in 2008, and in 2011, The Prince Nathan founded the Kingdom of Florenia on their 25 acre property, now Afula.

Kingdom of Florenia

The Kingdom of Florenia is said to be founded on April 22, 2011. However, HRH Prince Nathan discovered this to be most likely false, for it was on a weekday and the Royals live mostly in New York. This date may be true, so it is still used as the founding date, and Independence Day. There was no official declaration of Independence at this time, so the Kingdom officially declared independence from the United States on September 5, 2011, when the constitution was signed in Afula. The constitution laid out many of many of the key political structures of the Kingdom, but left out many. These are now passed in the form of laws by Parliament. The constitution laid out all of the rights of citizens, and the constitution used many values of the United States. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and freedom of Religion, are some of the rights listed in the constitution. The constitutions final paragraph mentions that amendments may be made to the constitution. The Kingdom accumulated citizens by Prince Nathan telling his friends and family about the nation, and having them fill out the citizenship application. They have a population of 12,[8] as of November 2012. The country is lead by the Monarch and the Prime Minister jointly. The leaders are as the following.

The First election for Prime Minister was to take place from December 22–31 of 2011. Both HRH Prince Nathan and HRH Prince Henry stood for election.[9] However, a few days before the election was to begin, Prince Henry dropped out of the election due to having very little confidence in winning. Prince Nathan attempted to persuade him back into the election by reminding him that if he did not win, he would become Deputy Prime Minister. He ultimately decided to disregard the incumbent's remarks, and left the race.

The Kingdom was led by an unofficial Parliament until the passing of the Parliament Act 2012 on July 22, 2012. This act officially set out the guidelines for Parliament, and clarified many unclear aspects defined in the Constitution, such as how Members of Parliament are elected. It also changed the amount of Parliamentary consent for an act to be passed from 65% to only 50%. This change was created so that with a very small Parliament, acts could still be passed without opposing members equally disliking them. The first Parliamentary election was set in the act for July 29, and Prince Nathan won with a majority of 60%. This low percentage was due to the fact that his brothers were currently creating another plot against Florenia, but the Prince was able to secure the votes of the His Royal and Her Majesties.

Since the election of Prince Nathan many more acts have been given Royal consent,[10] and many more are currently being drafted or are awaiting consent. The Prince remains by far the most, if not the only, involved person in the Florenian Government, and since the signing of the constitution, has passed over 30 Acts of Parliament.