Royal coat of arms of Florenia

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Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Florenia

Shield of Arms
ArmigerEran of Florenia
CrestHelmet, gold and ermine mantling
EscutcheonQuarterly: 1 and 4 Flag of Florenia proper, 2 and 3 azure, lion rampant Or.
SupportersLions Or royally crowned
CompartmentMont vert, white rose
MottoKing with the People
OrdersOrder of Honor

The Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Florenia is the Coat of Arms of the Monarch of Florenia, and represents Florenia as a whole. The shield or escutcheon is quartered, with the 1st and 4th the Flag of Florenia proper, and the 2nd and 3rd azure with a lion rampant Or. The Motto, King with the People, is the motto of Florenia and shows the responsibility of the King to reign in the best interest of the people. The crest is a gold knight's helmet with gold and ermine mantling, and the escutcheon is surrounded by the collar of the Order of Honor, Florenia's highest order of chivalry. These arms were adopted in October 2013.

The blazon of the Royal Arms is:

Quarterly, first and fourth Flag of Florenia proper, second and third azure a lion rampant, the whole surrounded by the Order of Honor; for a Crest, upon the Royal helm the imperial crown Proper; Mantling Or and ermine; for Supporters, dexter and sinister a lion rampant gardant Or crowned as the Crest. Motto 'King with the People' in the compartment below the shield, with the White rose.