Flag of Florenia

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Flag of Florenia
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Flag of Florenia
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 22 April 2011
(unofficially, upon independence)
19 January 2014
(Flag of Florenia Act)
Design Quarterly, blue in the first and fourth, white in the second and third. Surmounted by a red cross and a twelve-pointed right star in the center.
Designed by The Prince Nathan

The Flag of Florenia is the civil flag and state flag of the Kingdom of Florenia. The flag has been in use since the earliest days of the Kingdom and was first used around 22 April 2011, the date of Florenian independence. It was not, however, officially adopted as Florenia's national flag until 19 January 2014, following the passage of the Flag of Florenia Act 2014 by Parliament.

Designed by The Prince Nathan, the flag consists of a quarterly design, with blue in the first and fourth quarters and white in the second and third quarters. The whole is surmounted by a red cross, with a twelve-pointed white star placed in the center.

The flag is used in many official capacities by the Florenian government, Monarchy, and royal family. It serves as the first and fourth quarters of the Royal Coat of Arms of Florenia, as well as having a place on many other heraldic features. It is placed in an escutcheon and so used as part of the arms of the Order of Honor, Florenia's most prestigious order of chivalry.

Currently, one physical flag of Florenia has been created. It was sewn as a gift for The Prince Nathan and for the Kingdom as a whole by Lady Deborah, Baroness of Plymouth, the incumbent Florenian Minister of Education and sister-in-law of Eran of Florenia. She also crafted two flags of Afula. The design has also been used on two game boards for the popular lawn game "corn hole," which was given to the royal family by the then Baron and Baroness Exeter, now the Earl and Countess Fialko, brother-in-law and sister-in-law of Eran.