Prince Zachary of Florenia

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The Prince Zachary
Full name
Zachary Joshua
Father Eran of Florenia
Mother Queen Jane of Florenia

The Prince Zachary KCFN is currently third in line to the Throne of the Kingdom of Florenia. He is the third and youngest son of Eran of Florenia and Queen Jane.

Royal Family of Florenia
Coat of Arms of the Florenian Royal Family

HM The King
HM The Queen

HRH The Duchess of Southbury

  • HRH The Duke of Wolcott
    HRH The Duchess of Wolcott
    • HRH Prince Noah of Wolcott
  • HRH The Duchess of Milton
    HRH The Duke of Milton
    • HRH Prince Daniel of Milton
    • HRH Princess Nina of Milton
      HRH Prince Richard of Milton

Titles and styles

  • Reference Style: His Royal Highness
  • Spoken Style: Your Royal Highness
  • Alternative Style: Sir
  • 18 November - 22 April 2011: Zachary
  • 22 April 2011 - 5 August 2011: Prince Zachary
  • 5 August 2011 - 24 October 2012: His Royal Highness Prince Zachary
  • 24 October 2012 – present: His Royal Highness The Prince Zachary