Princes Islands

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Princes Islands
Princes Islands satellite.jpg
Satellite image of the Princes Islands
Location Floren Pond
Total islands 4
Major islands Prince Nathan Island
Prince Henry Island
Prince Zachary Island
Country Flag of Florenia.jpg Kingdom of Florenia
Administrative division Dominion of Afula
Monarch Eran of Florenia

The Princes Islands are a group of islands within Floren Pond, the large body of water that comprises a majority of the territory in the Kingdom of Florenia. There are three major islands within the pond, each named after one of the three sons of Eran of Florenia.

Prince Nathan Island, named for The Prince Nathan, is the smallest of the three islands, and the only one that is easily navigable. It has a small plaque commemorating the lives of Carl and Nelly Floren, past owners of the property on which Florenia is now situated and the couple who created the pond by rerouting a small river. It is approximately 340 square feet in area.

Izzy Island, named for the nickname of Lady Isabella, Duchess of Fishrock, is the smallest mass regarded as an island within Floren Pond, and is generally considered part of Prince Nathan Island, as they are connected to each other by tree roots. It was previously named Norton Island, after Emperor Norton.

The flag of Afula. The small stars represent the Princes Islands.

Prince Henry Island, named for The Prince Henry, is the largest of the three islands, and is only observable from the water; it cannot be walked on. It is overgrown with bushes and small trees and its shores are largely made up of sizable rocks. It is the physically separated from the other islands, and is situated to their southeast. It is approximately 1500 square feet in area.

Prince Zachary Island, named for The Prince Zachary, is the second largest island and has very similar terrain to Prince Henry Island. It lies north of Prince Nathan Island, and is overgrown with large rocks along its shore. It is approximately 850 square feet in area.

The narrow channel that separates Prince Nathan and Prince Zachary Islands is very shallow and very rocky, with rocks both totally submerged and hidden and protruding from the surface. It is very difficult for boats to navigate these shallow waters, and they are almost always avoided by the Florenian Royal Navy. Therefore, vessels always dock on the south/southwest shore of Prince Nathan Island, where it is also easy to affix a line to tree roots and disembark.