Lord President of the Council of State

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Lord President of
the Council of State
The Baroness of Plymouth

since 13 January 2022
Member ofCouncil of State
SeatPalace of State
AppointerThe Crown
II Eran 2021 (The Council of State)
Inaugural holderThe Baroness of Plymouth
Formation26 April 2021

The Lord President of the Council of State is the chairperson and de jure principal administrator of the Council of State, the central executive body of the Kingdom of Florenia. The position was established alongside the Council of State on 26 April 2021 as part of the Resolution Plan to reform Florenia's government. While the Lord President can be considered Florenia's nominal head of government as chair of the Council, the post does not possess outsized political sway and is largely honorary, with the prime minister possessing de facto executive power.

Eran named The Baroness of Plymouth inaugural Lord President on 13 January 2022 on the recommendation of prime minister The Prince Nathan due to her status as an experienced and popular stateswoman. She thus became the second person in Florenia's history to chair the executive, succeeding the Prince in that capacity despite his de facto retention of the premiership.