Order of the Founder

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Order of the Founder
Awarded by Parliament
Type Order of Chivalry
Eligibility National or international service to micronationalism as a whole.
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Eran I
Grades Knight/Dame Commander (KOF/DOF), Knight/Dame (KOF/DOF) Commander (COF), Member (MOF)
Former grades NA
First induction June 10, 2012
Last induction December 3, 2012
Total inductees 4 (3 KCF, and 1 COF)
Next (higher) Order of the Crown
Next (lower) None

The Order of the Founder is the lowest Order of Chivalry in the Kingdom of Florenia, and is awarded to individuals for deeds to Micronationalism. The Order was created on 27 November 2011 in an Act of Parliament, but was not awarded until 10 June 2012. The Order has four grades, Knight/Dame Commander (KCF/DCF), Knight/Dame (KOF/DOF), Commander (COF), and Member (MOF). The Grades were reorganized due to Chivalric reform in early September 2013, with the grades of Knight/Dame and Commander switching places.


Knight/Dame Commanders of the Order of the Founder (KCF/DCF)

Commanders of the Order of the Founder

Knights/Dames of the Order of the Founder (KOF/DOF)