Colony of Sterling

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The Secundomian Colony of Sterling
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Colony of Sterling]]
Motto: Forever Surviving
Anthem: Grapevine Fires
File:Duchy of Charcot.png
CapitalCharcot City
Official languagesEnglish, French, Dutch, German
GovernmentColonial Protectorate
• Protector
EstablishmentJanuary 26th,2010
• Census
CurrencyUSD ($)

The Secundomian Colony of Sterling (Secundomian:ǂǷⱠƪɤᏙƪ pronounced [kʂɛliːjɛɳhmjɛ]) was a Secundomian colony consisting of Charcot Island, the current territory of the SR Sterling-Charcot. The colony lead as a protectorate. Sterling was previously an independent Kingdom vassalized to the Republic of Secundomia.


The Colony of Sterling is located in Antarctica, and is entirely based on Charcot Island.


Former Government

See Monarchies in Sterling The Kingdom of Sterling was traditionally lead by a king. This king was the highest power in the government.

Power system

The power system was as follows:

1. King of Sterling

2. Duke of Charcot

List of Kings

  1. Parker I (Abdicated) Jan. 26th, 2010-July 18, 2010

Current Government

The Protector of the Colony of Sterling is appointed by the President of Secundomia. J has been appointed protector.

List of Protectors

  1. Parker I (not re-appointed) July 18, 2010 – August 1, 2010
  2. De-jure Vacant, De Facto Parker I (replaced under new regime) August 1, 2010 – October 1, 2010
  3. J (incumbent) October 1, 2010 – July 30, 2011 (De facto), June 14, 2012 (De jure)
  4. Vacant (De facto) July 30, 2011- June 14, 2012
  5. Parker I June 14, 2012 – Present


Kingdom of Sterling

The KOS was formed as a vassal of Secundomia on January 26, 2010, because Parker I felt he was losing power of his republic, Secundomia. He created an absolute monarchy to continue engaging with the intermicronational community. Sterling was constructed as a "vassal" of the Republic. The originally territory consisted of "all ice in the arctic ocean." The territory was organized as the Grand Duchy of Iceia.

Extra-terrestrial Claims and Reorganization of Iceia

Inspired by the Aerican Empire, Parker I expanded Sterling's claims on January 28 to include the Southern hemisphere of Pluto (South Plutopia), and the planet of Mercury (known to Sterling as the Mercury Territories. On January 29 Parker made modifications to these claims, splitting Mercury territories in two, the Duchy of South Mercuria and the North Mercury Territory. He also laid claim on the asteroid Ida.

Iceia was also reorganized slightly on January 29. A territory arranged out of the geographic north pole of the earth was carved out of Iceia and dubbed as the city of Northland. This city became the capital territory for Sterling and was administered as "the King's State."

Antarctic Claims

On Feb. 20th, 2010, the King's State grew to include Charcot Island, Antarctica. This was the first Antarctic claim made by a Secundomia Sector micronation. Sterling then applied for membership in the Antarctic Micronational Union. Charcot Island was soon split from the King's State and became the Duchy of Charcot. In an attempt to increase the legitimacy of the Kingdom of Sterling, all extraterrestrial claims were dissolved.

Intermicronational Controversy and Inactivity

With the advent of Sterling, Parker was less restrained by the government of Secundomia to conduct intermicronational affairs. Sterling became active in the Austenasian Civil War on the side of the rebels, a decision that was chastised by many in the community. This resulted in the suspension of its membership in the AMU. After the war, Sterling entered an extended period of inactivity, only being active within the AMU and the OAM. Sterling had outlived its usefulness as Parker became well trusted in Secundomia to administer foreign affairs for the country.

Colonial Period

After the Kingdom of Sterling became inactive and unused, the King of Sterling abdicated, and formed the Colony of Sterling under the Republic of Secundomia. Parker I was assigned as protector of the colony. J became protector of the colony in October 2010, as appointed by the President. In 2012 Parker returned to office as colonial protector. Little development took place in the colonial period, but the Secundomian leadership were resistant to internal calls to dissolve its claim on Charcot.

Later Iterations of Sterling

As leader of both dormant micronations, Parker I decided to combine the colony with Res Publica Tergumterra to create the Republic of Sterling and Tergumterra. Sterling was later a part of the Third Kingdom of Secundomia and the Democratic Republic of Secundomia. With the advent of the FSSR Sterling was separated from Secundomia and Tergumterra to create the SR Sterling-Charcot.


The COS's national anthem is Grapevine Fires by the alt-rock group Death Cab For Cutie. A video can be found here

Preceded by:
Kingdom of Sterling
Succession of Sterling
August 1, 2010-June 14, 2012
Succeeded by:
Republic of Sterling