J of Sterling

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J of Sterling
Protector of Sterling
In office
3 Oct, 2010-14 Jun, 2012
President Parker I
Predecessor Parker I
Successor Parker I as military president
Citizenship Colony of Sterling, Republic of Secundomia, United States of America
Nationality Secundomian, Sterlingish
Ethnicity White
Political party Independent
Home town Lower Secundomia

J of Sterling is a former micronationalist who was a citizen of Secundomia and Sterling. In 2010, he was appointed Protector of Sterling by President Parker I.

Personal life

J was a musician, known for his drumming ability. His sibling E of Sterling was also a Secundomian citizen and together they played in the Secundomian band The Frontrunners.


J of Sterling was largely uninvolved with the politics of Secundomia. He only voted in a single election. However, he was appointed Protector of Sterling by Parker I after the Kingdom was integrated as a colony. As a protector, he served as a leader in the colony. Secundomia was largely uninterested in the territory during this period, so he did not complete any major projects as protector.


J, alongside his brother E, was an avid player of the videogame Minecraft. He was active on the Wyvernian Minecraft server before the Secundomian griefing incident. He was added as a player on the private server alongside his brother E and contributed to various buildings throughout the Secundomian section of the server. He kept largely to himself and rarely used the chat feature. He did complete some builds in the Secundomian area of the server.

When the Wyvern server was griefed, an investigation found he was not active in the griefing process, although he was well aware of Spencer stealing from the Egtavian players. J decided not to play on the server after Parker I and Spencer I were banned for griefing. He joined the Secundomian server created by his brother.