January 2010 Secundomian Elections

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January 2010 Secundomian Elections
Secundomia Official Flag.jpg
Previous ElectionDecember 2009 Secundomian Elections
Next ElectionFebruary 2010 Secundomian Elections
Luke of Secundomia
Votes2 (Lost tiebreaker, Percentages may not add up due to rounding.)
Parker I
Percentage28% (Won tiebreaker)
Spencer I

The January 2010 Secundomian Elections were the second in Secundomian history. Parker I and Spencer I won in a landslide victory.


There were no political parties at this time, both Incumbents were automatically nominated and also accepted their nominations. Spencer was nominated as an Independent.

Parker I Spencer I Luke of Secundomia
Incumbent Co-President and Co-Founder from Secundomia (Middle) Former Co-Consul and Co-Founder of Secundomia from P+S House Incumbent Co-President from Western Secundomian Territories (Unincorporated, formerly Halstopia)


Parker I of Secundomia made a campaign alliance with Spencer I of Secundomia. This alliance was forged due to the inability to pass legislation through the two-president system. The aim of the alliance was to take power in January in order to create a new constitutional system in favor of a singular president. A cornerstone of the campaign was strong national defense in order to strengthen the nation of Secundomia both locally and intermicronationally. The alliance was announced on January 22nd, 2010 with the following campaign ad:


The BEST way to vote!

(Remember, keep your campaigns clean, no vicious remarks about the other side. Thank you.)

What will we change? We will make Secundomia a better place. Strengthen it's borders and appoint a secretary of defense.

Vote for both of us and a better Secundomia!

— Parker I

Luke of Secundomia opposed both members of this campaign, claiming betrayal. He launched an attack ad claiming that the former Co-Consuls had no authority to create the constitution, that they threatened freedom of speech that Spencer had a lack of experience.


Spencer I won the initial elections, however Parker and Luke remained tied. Spencer, therefore, assumed presidency on February 1st, 2010, while the other spot remained vacant during a runoff. Luke of Secundomia criticized the results, claiming that the power of Spencer's voting block was insurmountable, which Parker initially denied, but agreed with later. The runoff elections determined Parker as the victor.

Secundomia Official Flag.jpg
Republic of Secundomia