January 2010 Secundomian Elections

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Secundomian Election, January 2010

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Party Parker I Luke of Secundomia Spencer I
Alliance Independent (PSA) Independent Independent (PSA)
Popular vote 2 2 3
Percentage 28% 28% 43%
Popular vote 0
Percentage 0%

Co-President of Secundomia before election

Parker I, Luke

Co-President of Secundomia

Parker I, Spencer I
Independent (PSA)

The January 2010 Secundomian Elections were the second in Secundomian history. Two seats for "co-president" were available. The elections came on the heels of a largely ineffective and contentious administration led by co-presidents Luke and Parker I. On the backdrop of gridlock, Parker I formed an electoral alliance with Spencer I to solidify a more cohesive and agreeable government. Spencer won the presidency in the first round of elections and Parker won a runoff election to win the second presidential seat.


There were no political parties at this time, both Incumbents were automatically nominated and accepted their nominations. Spencer was nominated as an Independent.

Parker I Spencer I Luke of Secundomia
Incumbent Co-President and Co-Founder from Middle Secundomia Former Co-Consul and Co-Founder of Secundomia from Middle Secundomia Incumbent Co-President from Western Secundomian Territories (Unincorporated, formerly Halstopia)


Parker and Spencer Alliance Campaign

Parker I of Secundomia made a campaign alliance with Spencer I of Secundomia. The aim of the alliance was to take power in order to create a new constitutional system in favor of the co-presidential system which they viewed as stonewalling progress in the nation. A second cornerstone of the campaign was strong national defense and border controls in order to strengthen the nation of Secundomia both locally and intermicronationally.

Parker I announced the alliance and released a campaign ad on January 22nd:


The BEST way to vote!

(Remember, keep your campaigns clean, no vicious remarks about the other side. Thank you.)

What will we change? We will make Secundomia a better place. Strengthen it's borders and appoint a secretary of defense.

Vote for both of us and a better Secundomia!

— Parker I

Luke Campaign

Luke of Secundomia ran a singular campaign and reacted negatively to the alliance. Luke claimed that Parker I had betrayed him by forming the alliance behind his back. He launched an attack ad that claimed the former Co-Consuls had no authority to create the constitution. Luke claimed that the new constitution threatened freedom of speech within the country. Luke also focused positively on his experience as a leader while casting Spencer as lacking.


Spencer I won the initial elections, with Parker and Luke tied. Spencer assumed presidency on February 1st, 2010, while the second spot remained vacant during a runoff. Turnout was low, with only 4 citizens voting in the election. The alliance strategy was unsuccessful with all three candidates voting for themselves and the fourth citizen splitting his vote between the blocks.

Luke of Secundomia turned his back to the results, claiming that the power of Spencer's voting block was insurmountable. Parker denied this claim in an acceptance speech, although he would later agree that the outsized influence of Spencer's electorate would become a threat to his own power.

Runoff results

Runoff elections determined Parker as the victor, receiving 2 votes to Luke's 1. Turnout was even lower in this phase of the election, only consisting of the three initial candidates.