Spencer I, President of Secundomia

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Spencer I, President of Secundomia
President of Secundomia
In office:
March 1, 2010-April 1
Predecessor Himself and Parker I (as Co-presidents)
Successor Parker I
Co-President of Secundomia
In office:
December 16, 2009-January 1st, 2010 and February 1-March 1, 2010
Predecessor (1st term) Position created
(2nd term) Parker I and Luke of Secundomia
Successor (1st term)Parker I and Luke of Secundomia
(2nd term) Himself (as President)
Personal information
Political party Secundomian Conservative Party

President Spencer I is one of the founding consuls of the Republic of Secundomia. He was co-president twice and president once. He remains relatively active in Secundomia.

Micronational Life


Many Secundomians were recruited by him. These Secundomians include the Flag developer Nate I, controversial Protest Group Leaders, Rahim I, Ibrahim I, and President Snow, chief Architect.

Political Life in Secundomia

Early Secundomian Life

Spencer I was one of the founding fathers of Secundomia. He was the leader of the movement to create the Republic of Skillz . He created it along with Nate I, Phineas Snow and several others. After Skillz collapsed, he joined the Kingdom of Secundomia and was one of the leaders who transformed Secundomia into a republic.

First term as co-president

Spencer I, along with Parker I, named themselves interim presidents until a formal election could be scheduled. Luke of Secundomia accused him of doing nothing during his term, and Spencer was defeated in the prelims of the elections.

Second Term as co-president

After Luke was ousted from presidency, Spencer I (one of the few active politicians in Secundomia) took his place alongside Parker I. He had heavy support from a group of citizens including Nate I and Ibrahim I. He carried that support through the next elections, which he won.

First Term as Full President

After Spencer I won the elections, he became the first Full President in Secundomian history. He was also the first to appoint a cabinet. He lost his bid for a second consecutive term.

Cabinet Crisis

Spencer I first agreed with Ibrahim and Rahim early in the Cabinet Crisis. Later he played a vital role in the decision to expell Rahim and put Ibrahim on warning.

Support of Ibrahim and Interim Presidency

Spencer I supported Ibrahim I in the next elections, however Ibrahim lost. Spencer I was appointed interim president during these elections.

2nd bid for presidency

Spencer I revived his bid for presidency in the latest elections, however, he lost.

Current Activity

Spencer is currently less active in secundomia then previously.

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