Rahim I

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Rahim I

Former Citizen of Secundomia

Duke of Iceia
Time in Office:

February 17, 2010 - ?

Preceded by: Spencer I
Protest Group Member
unofficial office
Personal information
Born: N/A
Macronationality: US American
Micronationality Secundomian (formerly)
Political Party: Secundomian Conservative Party
Religion: ?

Rahim I was a citizen of Secundomia, until his expulsion at the end of the Cabinet Crisis.

Controversy and the Cabinet Crisis

Rahim I is a contreversial figure in Secundomia. He was tried and expelled from the Republic of Secundomia during the Cabinet Crisis for "swearing and general disrespect to multiple fellow citizens." He has since apoligized and been pardoned for his actions, however, he has not entered Secundomian citizenship again. Rahim I continues to live on Secundomian land, a privelige granted by the Secundomian government.