Rahim I

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Rahim I
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Iceia
Grand Duke of Iceia
In office
15 Feb 2010-4 Mar 2010
King Parker I
Predecessor Parker I
Successor none
Secundomian Secretary of the Treasury
in office
March 2010
President Spencer I
Predecessor Erised
Successor Luke as Director of Economics
Secundomian Director of State-to-State Relations
in office
18 Apr 2010-25 Apr 2010
President Parker I
Predecessor position established
Successor vacant
Citizenship Republic of Secundomia, Kingdom of Sterling, United States of America
Nationality Secundomian
Ethnicity Turkish
Political party Conservative
Home town Skillz
Religion Muslim

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Cabinet Crisis

Rahim I is a Secundomian and Sterling former micronationalist. He most prominently reigned as Grand Duke of Iceia, subject to the Sterling Monarchy. He was also a controversial figure within both countries, stripped of his Sterling citizenship for his statements about Spencer I and exiled from Secundomia after his role in the Cabinet Crisis.

Personal life

During his time in Secundomia, Rahim was a student at the same school as Spencer I, Nate I, Phineas Snow and his brother Ibrahim I. He often played soccer at school. Rahim and his brother were unique in Secundomia being Turkish in ethnicity and following Islam. Rahim was a close friend of Spencer's but they lost touch shortly after Spencer moved schools.

Micronational History

Rahim joined Secundomia after his brother, Secundomian and Skillzian citizen Ibrahim I submitted his name to the Secundomian Immigration Board.[1] His application was approved a day later and he joined the Secundomian Conservative Party.[2] Not long after, he also applied to join Sterling and was awarded the high ranking title Grand Duke of Iceia.[3]


Rahim I was a controversial figure in Secundomia. He began trolling the Secundomian email server only a couple weeks after joining, criticizing the flag designed by Nate I and decrying Parker I for taking Secundomia "too seriously." After discovering Secundomia's MicroWiki article, he decided to relent on his criticism and resolved to become a more productive citizen in Secundomia.[4]


He quickly returned to the public eye, however. In another email thread, he loudly criticized Parker's predictions of Spencer's cabinet picks. He then sent a private message to Parker threatening to quit Secundomia and saying rude things about Spencer. Parker published this message. Spencer admitted fault for this incident, saying he was heated in a soccer match and had inadvertently upset Rahim.[5] Regardless, Parker was wary of his instability and decided to revoke his title as Grand Duke of Iceia.[6] Rahim then decided to leave Secundomia as well. He claimed Phineas Snow was leaving alongside him, but this was later proven to be inaccurate.[7]

Rahim decided to return to the nation a week later and was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Spencer I.[8] He resolved to create a new state, but disputes between him and his brother prevented the submission of a stable territory to the Secundomian Territorial Administration.

Cabinet Crisis

Rahim played a significant role in the Secundomian Cabinet Crisis of April 2010. Parker released his Cabinet picks on April 16 and was immediately criticized by Rahim. Rahim protested that all citizens should receive jobs in the Cabinet while Parker responded on libertarian grounds that a job guarantee would damage the economy. Discussions escalated and Parker soon cited the Secundomian constitution, arguing that harassment was banned on official Secundomian discussions. Later in the same thread, Rahim coined the term "Cabinet Crisis" as the situation began to escalate out of control for the president.[9]

Although Parker eventually relented and assigned jobs to all Secundomians, including to Rahim the job Director of State to State Relations, the crisis continued. Ibrahim's trial for swearing and harassment started on April 18th, 2010. After the trial broke down, Rahim started sending messages harassing various members of Secundomia including Erised, Luke and Parker. A critical mass of citizens got together and decided to ban Rahim from the country.[10] He continued to message citizens until his email was blocked. He eventually apologized for his role in the crisis, but was not permitted to return to the country.[11]

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