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Parker Mitchell/Parker I
President of Secundomia
Protector/Military Presidnet of Sterling
Assumed office:
July 2010 - October 2010, June 14 2010 - Present
Preceded by: Position Established, J
Succeeded by: J, Incumbent
President of Secundomia
re-Assumed office:
October 1, 2010
Preceded by: Luke of Secundomia
Pryme Mynyster of the Slinky Republyc
Assumed office:
January 23rd 2011
Preceded by: Kyng Fyrst
As Kyng of the Slinky Empyre
Succeeded by: Hayden Johnson
As Leader of Slyndonia
Personal information
Macronationality: US American
Micronationality Secundomian
Political Party: Secundomian Conservative Party
Religion: Atheist, agnostic

Republic of Secundomia

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Parker I (Micronational pseudonym for Parker Mitchell) is president of the Republic of Secundomia which is now part of the Eran Federation, which since June 2012 has been prime minister of that micronation. He was also the King of the Kingdom of Secundomia, before it merged with the Republic of Skillz. He is the Military President of the Republic of Sterling and the Chief Consul of Res Publica Tergumterra.

Personal Life

Parker Mitchell is a Kansas high-schooler outside of his Micronational life. In high school he is not involved in any sports, but primarily participates in Debate and Forensics.

Micronational History

Introduction to Micronations

Parker I first got introduced to micronation in early 2009, when he read about Molossia, the Conch Republic, and Aerica on Wikipedia. At this time it did not occur to him to create his own micronation. In late 2009, Parker I remembered micronations, and along with Spencer I, planned to create his own. The Kingdom of Secundomia came about on December 15th, 2009 to rival Spencer I's Republic of Skillz. After Skillz collapsed, Parker I and Spencer I created the Republic of Secundomia. While the Kingdom of Secundomia and the Republic of Skillz were still young, Parker I discovered MicroWiki, through a website about micronation lists. After reading MicroWiki for several days, Parker I created a page for Secundomia and himself.

Secundomian History

Parker I was one of the major factors in Secundomia, and Secundomia would not have lived long without him. He has been praised by citizens for his foreign affairs work, but been accused of being a dictator in the presidential position many times especially between Spring and Winter 2010. When Luke of Secundomia, one of Parker's recruits, and Parker got into a struggle about the constitution, known as the Constitution Crisis, Parker I could barely hold onto his seat of power. But he ousted Luke in the next elections, and became co-president with Spencer I. Eventually after Spencer I became a full president, Parker I was elected as the second full president. The Cabinet Crisis took place between April 18th, 2010 and April 20th, 2010. During this period Parker I was called a "dictator" and a bad president for putting Ibrahim I on trial. Parker I, after a brief period as Vice-President, is now President of Secundomia once more, and has been since August 2010. He holds virtually unlimited power over the life and foreign affairs of Secundomia, however very little power over her citizens.

Current Titles

  • President of Secundomia
  • Governor of Middle Secundomia
  • Director of Secundomian Foreign Affairs
  • Chief Consul of Tergumterra
  • Secundomian Representative to the House of Royals (Eran)
  • Military President of Sterling


Parker created the KOS because he felt he was losing power in Secundomia. Sterling was a vassal of Secundomia, with Parker I leading it. In July 2010, Sterling became a colonial protectorate of Secundomia. On June 14, 2012, Parker re-assumed control of Sterling as a Military President. It is now known as the Republic of Sterling.

Secundomian Intelligence Agency

Parker is head of the Secundomian Intelligence Agency. He and Luke collaborated on the Finland Project, which was top secret.

Honors and Awards

  • Companion of the Order of Falcon (Yabloko)
  • Member of the Order of Carl (Carlignton Empire)
  • Micronational Accomplishment Ribbon (Eleytheria)

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