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Republic of Riverstone
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• President
Parker I
EstablishmentSeptember 15, 2011 (claims accepted)
• 11 Secundomian citizens, 3 active on Riverstone project census

The Republic of Riverstone, (pronounced [rɪvɜːrstoʊn]) also known as Riverstone, was a unique, short lived micronational entity located on Keltia, Micras. Its foundation was due to political quirks and conflicts between MicroWiki sector and the Micras. Riverstone consisted of a small slice of land on Micras but its operation was officially the same as the Republic of Secundomia with the same laws, citizens, president and government.


In 2011, then-president of Secundomia Parker I wanted to establish a foothold on Micras but knew that existence in that fictional realm would complicate foreign relations on MicroWiki which privileged mostly Brick and Mortar micronations within its institutions. Micras would not let a nation of one citizen (like Parker's individual country Sterling) join as it requires proof of activity. In response, Parker pointed to the active Secundomian forums as proof. The Micronational Cartography Society accepted Parker's proposal of a second country containing all the same citizens, laws and government as Secundomia to enter the Micras community.[1] This solution allowed Secundomia to remain firmly brick and mortar and Riverstone to quickly achieve sufficient activity to appear on the Micras map.

Due to early development, Riverstone expanded slightly in later 2011 taking up a larger portion of territory. The Secundomian website that hosted the Riverstone forums (the activity of which was required for MCS recognition) went down due to a hosting issue. Even after the website was restored, Secundomia fell inactive and the same fate befell the Republic. It was removed from Micras in 2012.


Riverstone was located on the continent of Keltia. It was considered one of the Basin Countries in the Far East of Keltia, organized around a port on the Strait of Haifa, a "narrow sea" known as "The River" to Riverstonians. The strait separated Riverstone from their neighbors Uantir to the north.[2]

Map of Riverstone

The nation was divided into 6 provinces: North, West, East, Shore, Central and Southeast. The nation's largest city was the port town of Carlport, located in the Shore province along the Strait of Haifa. The capital, Nova Jamestown, was located inland in the North province as part of a larger metropolitan area including Porrsin, Nuburg and the border town of Cassel. Other major cities included Central City, Faalburg, Bell City, Mylecia and Newstone.

Science and Technology

Riverstone was quickly interested in technological development. In October 2011, Riverstone launched the Riverstone Space Aeronautics Union. This agency would oversee Riverstone satellites and other aspects of space exploration/development by Riverstone. Limited funds and inactivity however hamstrung the development of spacefaring technology.


Riverstone shared a significant amount of culture with its parent state of Secundomia.

National Parks

National Parks were a major part of Riverstone culture and dominated much of the landscape. The largest national park was the Mylecian national park, taking up much of the East province alongside the Strait of Haifa. James national park was located in the northern hills of the country near the towns of James and Caffel. The dry lowlands of the southwest were home to the Lowland national park, and the prairies of the south were home to Central National Park. The High Shore and South East national parks were also popular among the citizenry.

Riverstone National Football Team

The nation made forays into sport on Micras with the Riverstone national football team. The team's makeup was the same as the Secundomian National Soccer Team. The team was largely unsuccessful, entering the 2012 World Cup qualifiers yet failing to win a single match.

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