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Total population
Regions with significant populations
 United States 14
 Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics 1

English, Turkish, Secundomian


Christianity, Irreligion, Islam

Related ethnic groups

Germans, English people, Turks, Native Americans, Scots, Irish people

The Secundomian People are an ethnic group that is made up of Secundomian citizens and ex-secundomian citizens. The group is 15 strong, all but one of which are currently citizens of the United States.


The official, and most popular demonym to describe the Secundomian People, is Secundomian. Another demonym is Seco. This deprecated demonym was most often used by Phineas Snow and was considered unofficial by the Secundomian government.[1]

Naming System

Secundomians often went by pseudonyms when referred to in intermicronational contexts. A short system developed by Parker I for the purposes of publishing information about Secundomia on MicroWiki without disrupting the privacy of citizens was to replace the last name with "I," pronounced "the first" when read out loud. If multiple citizens went by the same first name, "II" or "the second" would be used based on their membership in the nation. This exception was never used as no more than one citizen at a time had the same first name.

Luke of Secundomia is a notable exception. He refused the moniker "I" as he felt it was too closely tied with Monarchism and he planned not to name any future children after himself. He decided to simply go by Luke. Other notable exceptions include those who asked for more privacy, especially those who were not significantly active in the country's politics. Those included H of Halstopia and the siblings J and E of Sterling. Phineas decided for his pseudonym to be "Phineas Snow," named after the character President Snow from the popular book series The Hunger Games. A final exception was Erised of Atlan, whose pseudonym carried over from her other micronation.

List of Secundomians


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