Secundomian Racing International

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Secundomian Racing International
Full nameSecundomian Racing International
BaseCastle City, Harmony South, Secundomia
Team principal(s) Parker I
Engineering Head position Parker I
Technical director Parker I
Car Infomation
Race drivers Parker I
Spencer I
Test driver Nate I
ChassisWilliams FW33

Secundomia Racing International was a Secundomian formula racing team based in Castle City, Harmony South, Secundomia. The team was run independently of the Secundomian government, but was officially sponsored by the nation.


2011 IAA Season

2011 was the only season in which SRI participated in intermicronational competition. SRI used the Williams FW33 chassis with a Renault engine and Bridgestone tires during the season. The team participated in all 8 grand prix. SRI achieved its first victory on November 6, 2011, in only its second grand prix. SRI, running as official representatives of Secundomia in the championship, narrowly defeated the Dale Republic representative to win the inaugural Los Bay Petrosian grand prix to follow up a strong 4th place in Yabloko. The next weekend in Bascal, SRI followed up its maiden victory with a podium finish.

SRI's official car in action during the 2011–12 season

Early success was deceiving, however, as SRI struggled for consistency in the middle of the season. SRI finished in the bottom two at Senya, Dian and Erephesia. The team narrowly missed out on a podium in Gishabrun, finishing fourth. With the Erephesian Race Team taking it's third victory at Gishabrun, SRI was mathematically eliminated from the title fight. Some consolation was a podium in the final race of the season in St. Charlie. As the second half of the IAA 2011 season was cancelled, SRI settled for fourth in the championship.

Post-IAA competition

SRI remained the national racing team for the Secundomia during its membership in the Eran Federation. SRI largely participated in domestic competitions, however and shifted its focus from formula racing to karting. SRI did not take part in the revival of intermicronational competition with Formula M. Several team-sponsored kart races took place during the largely dormant Post-Eran Secundomia, but unrest resulting from the establishment of the Third Kingdom and Democratic Republic culminated in the team's disbandment. Racing remains popular among Secundomian citizens but the government has shifted investment to local a local slot-car racing enterprise in Middle Secundomia.

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