Formula M World Championships

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Formula M World Championships:
The Micronational Formula M Association
Formula M Logo.jpg
CategoryMotorsport/Virtual sport
Country or regionWorldwide
Preceded byIAA
Formation10 February 2013
Inaugural season2013 (TBD)
Member nations3 (2013)
Teams3 (2013)
HeadquartersSouthminster, UK (Rukora)
Current championsTfoeflag.png Erephisia (2011: IAA)
Most championshipsTfoeflag.png Erephisia (1: IAA)
Current season2013

The Formula M World Championships, also known as Formula M or the FMWC is the highest class of Micronational auto-racing and is governed by Ken H. It was set up in February 2013 as the successor to the Intermicronational Automotive Association. Each Formula M season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, held throughout the world in different micronations. The results of each race are evaluated using a points system which will, by the end of the season, will determine the World Championship, and one team will be crowned as Formula M Champions. The sport is open to any Micronations that feel like taking part, and they can enter either teams as well as host Grands Prix.

Early History

The Intermicronational Automotive Association

The Micronational Formula M Association

The Micronational Formula M Association (MFMA) was set up in February 2013 by Ken H simply as a company 'name' for the Formula M World Championships. This also means that the MFMA can act as a governing body for Formula M, so all the Grands Prix follow the official rules of Formula M. The entire concept of Formula M was set up the same day as its governing organisation after Ken H decided that a virtual tournament like this was needed. He hopes that this tournament will promote virtual motor racing throughout micronations and that all micronations that are involved will get into the spirit of friendly competition.

How it Works


The main rules of Formula M are those that regulate how the sport is organised. These rules cover two key aspects that need the involvement of many different micronations.

Hosting Grands Prix

The rules of Formula M stipulate that if a micronation wishes to host a Grand Prix then that nation must supply a quick sketch of what the fantasy racetrack looks like including the start/finish line as well as the name of that track. Formula M rules state that ideally each micronation can only host one Grand Prix per season, however if there is space in the calendar for any season some nations could host a second race which would have a different title.

Entering Teams

Member micronations can also enter racing teams into Formula M. Each nation that enters a team should give its name to that team as well as allowing it to be represented under their own flag. If there is space for more teams then nations can enter more than one team. These extra teams can have different names or they can just be reserve (B and C) teams, but all will be represented under that micronations flag. Each team that enters must specify its engine supplier (e.g. Renault or Mercedes etc..) and tyre supplier (e.g. Pirelli or Bridgestone etc..).

The Race by Race System

Each Grand Prix will consist of two main sessions, Qualifying and the Race. Both sessions will be held on the same day, with Qualifying taking place a few hours before the race. Unlike Formula 1 there is no practice session.


Each Qualifying session begins with the names of all the teams written on pieces of paper and placed in a hat to be picked out of. The result of qualifying will depend on what order the teams are picked out in. The first team name picked out will be the team that qualifies in Pole Position (1st) for that particular Grand Prix. The second team will qualify second ect. until all the teams have been placed in their qualifying positions (grid slots).


The Race will work almost the same as qualifying. A few hours after the grid slots have been picked, the team names will be placed back into the hat to be picked out again. However, this time the position the team finishes in will be the opposite of the order they come out of the hat. This means the first team out will finish last in the race and the team picked out last will be the winner of that Grand Prix. If a team finishes the race more than 6 positions lower than the position they qualified in they will be recorded as Did Not Finish (DNF or Ret), representing a crash or car problems that forced them to retire from that race. The position a team finishes in a race will determine the amount of points they win (see table below). These points will add up towards the world championship.

Points awarded for finishing:
Position  1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   Lower 
Points 12 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0


Each member micronation of the MFMA is a member so it can enter racing team(s) and/or host a Grand Prix in the sport.

Current members (2013)


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How to sign up

Formula M currently consists of 3 member micronations. The MFMA are currently trying to recruit micronations in time for a 2013 World Championship. To find out more please follow any of the below methods:


Each season the teams will compete for the World Championship title. The championship will be given to the team which has won the most points by the end of the season.



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