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Gen. Ibrahim I
Director of Secundomian Event Planning
In office
17 April 2010 - 25 April 2010
President Parker I
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Erised, Empress of Atlan
Commanding General of the Secundomian Air Force
In office
1 August 2010 - 24 May 2011
President Luke
Grand General Spencer I
Predecessor Office Established
Successor None
Duke of Southern Mercuria
In office
Jan 2010 - Mar 2010
King Parker I
Predecessor Position Established
Successor None
Citizenship Republic of Secundomia, Republic of Skillz, Kingdom of Sterling, United States of America
Nationality Secundomian
Ethnicity Turkish
Political party Conservative
Other political
Independent, Rahimist-Ibrahimists
Home town Skillz
Military service
Allegiance Republic of Secundomia
Service/branch Air Force
In service 2
Rank General

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Cabinet Crisis

Ibrahim I is a micronationalist who was formerly a prominent citizen of Secundomia, Skillz and the Duke of Southern Mercuria in Sterling. Ibrahim was a perennial candidate for President in Secundomia, running as both an Indepdendent and in Conservative primaries. He never received a significant portion of the vote. He was also a controversial figure and was the only citizen put on trial in the micronation's history.

Personal life

Ibrahim is an American of Turkish descent. He was one of few Secundomians who were not White, Christian or Atheist. He and his brother Rahim I were also the only bilingual members of Secundomia, speaking Turkish as well as English.

Micronational History


Ibrahim was a founding member of the Republic of Skillz

Ibrahim I was a citizen of Skillz, and worked along with Nate I, President Snow, Spencer I, and several other non-secundomians to create the nation. It is unknown what his role in the country was, but all citizens in Skillz had a position in the government. Ibrahim led the members of Skillz who left the country on December 15, 2009, citing a lack of interest in micronationalism alongside the outbreak of the Secundomian-Skillz War. The country collapsed as all except Nate and spencer left.


Early Activity

Ibrahim joined Secundomia 13 days later on December 28, 2009.[1] He became the first bilingual Secundomian, speaking both English and Turkish, as well as the first Muslim citizen. He was largely inactive at first, but registered to vote in the January 2010 Secundomian Elections.

Ibrahim developed a controversial reputation early in Secundomia, often writing in grammatically incorrect sentences on official transcripts and also acting as a troll. His first message to all of Secundomia was "our flag sucks." In February 2010, he recruited his brother Rahim I to join Secundomia, becoming the second pair of brothers in the country. The two were assigned to Luke's Territory

Ibrahim ran his first Presidential Campaign in February 2010 as well, registering to run as an Independent. His campaign was quiet and he released no official mailers. He only received 1 vote and was defeated by Spencer I. Parker I recommended his brother to appoint Ibrahim as Secretary of Development, but ultimately he was appointed Secretary of Energy. After Parker I was elected in March, Ibrahim joined the Secundomian Conservative Party, eying a chance to become more active in politics.

Cabinet Crisis

Ibrahim emerged as a central figure in Secundomian politics during the Cabinet Crisis. Following the protest of his brother, he formed a cadre of anti-government activists referred to as the Rahimist-Ibrahimists or Protest Group in contemporary sources. Initially, both brothers were just asking for jobs within the government, but the conversations began to get out of hand.

Ibrahim I is tried. (artist's depiction)

Parker criticized Ibrahim's rhetoric and put Ibrahim on trial for swearing and harassment. This was the only trial in Secundomian history. Ibrahim was found not guilty of swearing on Secundomian message boards as he had self-censored his language. However, arguments outside of the trial became so significant that a tribunal of citizens were formed. Spencer stepped in to avoid Ibrahim's dismissal, but Rahim was stripped of citizenship and blocked from Secundomian message boards. Ibrahim apologized for his behavior and was invited to return to Secundomian society.

Later Activity

After the Cabinet Crisis, Ibrahim decided to run for president in the May 2010 Secundomian Elections. After failing to secure the Conservative Party's nomination, Ibrahim ran as an independent. The SCP had nominated Spencer I but he dropped out and endorsed Ibrahim. Spencer, forgetting that incumbent Parker I was still running, proclaimed victory for Ibrahim.

This proclamation was premature as the election ended in a tie. After postponement, Spencer I was appointed interim president. Ultimately, Ibrahim would lose the election to Parker I by a vote of 3-2.

Ibrahim competed at the 2010 Micronational Olympics

Ibrahim had long been a member of the Secundomian Military and in August 2010, President Luke appointed Ibrahim as Commanding General of the Secundomian Air Force. He retained this position in October after being appointed by Parker I.

Ibrahim would later attempt another bid for president, but was defeated in the September 2010 Secundomian Elections in the primary phase. He entered the 2010 Micronational Olympics hosted by Secundomia, in two disciplines: Checkers and Reversi. After the Olympics failed, he was no longer active in Secundomia.


Ibrahim ruled over the southern half of the planet Mercury when in Sterling.

Ibrahim joined the Kingdom of Sterling on 15 February and was awarded the title Duke of Southern Mercuria. His domain included the southern half of the planet Mercury. This titles were later stripped from him as a result of the Cabinet Crisis.

Military Commands

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