Burkland Motorsport Team

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Burkland Racing Team
Burkland Motorsport Team logo.png
Full nameBurkland Motorsport Team
BaseNorth Paulet Island, Burkland
Team principal(s)Matthew of Burkland
Car Infomation
Race driverFlag of Burkland.png Matthew (Burkland)
Test driverFlag of Burkland.png Matthew (Burkland)

The Burkland Motorsport Team is the official virtual race team of Burkland and is a member of the IAA. The Burkland Motorsport Team is officially based in North Paulet Island, Burkland.


BMT was founded in North Paulet Island, Burkland. It claimed to be the third micronational motorsport race team. BMT entered the 2011 IAA season and hired Matthew to drive the #2 car.

2011 IAA Season

BMT struggled for pace and consistency in 2011 with some exceptions. Most notably was a podium on debut in the 2011 Yablokon grand prix. Matthew struggled to replicate this performance, with two last place finishes in the next few grand prix. Back-to-back podiums at Erephisia and Gishabrun showed hope, but a victory evaded BMT, finishing the season with 31 points good for only 6th in the championship.

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