Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

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Democratic Environmental Society of Senya
Coat of arms
Motto: "Our Nation"
Anthem: Sanya internationale
CapitalCat's Corner Province
Largest cityPond Province
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential monarchy
• President
Barnaby Hands
• Senyavite
Jess Lemonade
• Vice-President
Ewan Whitmore
Establishment27 March 2010[1]
• Census
CurrencyPound sterling (GBP)
Time zoneUTC

Senya, formally the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya, and sometimes referred to as DES Senya, is a landlocked micronation surrounded by the United Kingdom.


Barnaby Hands, the founder, created Senya as a democratic country with an abundance of greenery and flora, hence the name. Senya is a society by name because of the Social Revolution that took place prior to the formation of the micronation. The name Senya was chosen because it rhymes with Kenya, a country in Africa.


Before Senya

The land that Senya lies on can be traced back to being part of various tribal communities prior to the Roman Invasion of Britain. The Iceni Tribe, a Celtic group, were one of the many occupants of the Land. In 45 BC, after the Roman conquest, the land became part of the Roman province of Britannia. This continued untill the 5th Century AD, when the Romans were defeated by the Anglo-Saxons, and the land became part of the Kingdom of East Anglia. During the 9th century AD, the land fell under Danelaw, under the Danish Kingdom of East Anglia. In 927, the various Anglo Kingdoms combined to form the Kingdom of England. This continued untill 1707, when it became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain. 101 years later in 1808, it became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (now the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). The rule of the British monarchy continued in this land untill the 27th March 2010, when Senya declared independence from Britain.

Early Months

The Democratic Environmental Society of Senya was founded on the 27th March 2010 by President Barnaby Hands. The nation was founded after the president read about micronations, particually Sealand, Aerica, and Hutt River on Wikipedia. Deciding he could make his own micronation, he told his friends Ewan, who subsequently founded New Russia (now CR Dallingrad), and Edward Hunt, who founded New Pambia (now PR Pambia). Senya's borders were drawn out on Google Earth and info was put up about it on Wikipedia. However, the Wikipedia information was deleted. Senya remained active for between two and three months, carrying out micronational business consisting primarily of declaring war on Pambia and New Russia.

In May 2010, Senya became inactive, with micronationalism being forgotten about by the President, as well as by his friends.

MicroWiki & Friendship

On the 8 November 2010, the President recalled micronationalism after a quick browse through Wikipedia. He asked his friend Ewan if he was going to restart his micronation, but Ewan indicated he wouldn't. He restarted New Russia later that day. Hands again wrote about Senya on Wikipedia, only for it to be deleted. This displeased Hands, who searched through various websites, until he found MicroWikia. However, after creating an account, he realised the wiki had moved to Referata. Senya then moved its information to the new wiki. On the 15 November 2010, the President was contacted by Ultamiya concerning a coincidence involving their date of foundation. Senya extended an offer of friendship to Utamiya. On the 18 November 2010, Ultamiya accepted, forming Senya's first ever informal alliance.


For more info visit: Guist War

From then on, Senya became bigger and bigger in the MicroWiki sector. That was untill, St. Mills came along. St. Mills was run by Shane Mills, a classmate of Barnaby Hands, the President. St. Mills was deleted by the Admin's quickly though. However, Shane Would not rest there, forming Guist, and inrolling three people who Barnaby did not like from school (Aiden Robertson, Alex Hobbs & Max Jackson), to help shut down Senya. The two nations declared war on each other, and there was several fights at school between the pairs. CR Dallingrad soon announced support for Senya, and enrolled the help of Yabloko, who quickly banned all members of Guist from MicroWiki, and war was declared over.

Suspension of Barnaby Hands from MicroWiki

Senya then became a strong member of the MicroWiki community. Joining the OAM, late November seemed not to go any better for Senya. However, what was to follow shook Senya. An Admin election was announced by Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko, and the President decided to nominate himself. About half-way through, the President noticed no-one had voted for him, and Petya d'Égtavie of Egtavia had 14 votes. In response, he made 14 sockpuppet accounts, and made them all vote for him. Parker I, of Secundomia, noticed this odd pattern. Reporting it to the admins, Barnaby was quickly banned from MicroWiki, and suspended from the Admin Elections.

For the next month, Senya had to operate with only their Wordpress site at their disposal. However, on New Year's Day, 2011, Barnaby managed to create a new account on MicroWiki, after getting a new IP address. Senya then asked Aldrich Lucas, the man who banned them, if they could stay. Aldrich, who had just came back from Holiday, relunctently said 'Yes', and Senya was back online.

The Handspuppet Scandals

On the First week of February, MicroWiki admins noticed a serge in new nations, two of which, the Free State of Mulaverno & Pretsopia, alongside Kyrgyz FR, were found to be Handspuppets of Senya. Soon, the long standing nations of Risoul 1850 and the Azteca country were both proved to be of Hands' creation. On the 17th February 2011, Senya left the OAM in disgust and protest.

Post-March Senya

After the Handspuppet scandals of February & March 2010, the President, Barnaby Hands, announced Senya would have a vote to adopt a new Oligarchy system. The votes favoured the Oligarchy, but the idea was scrapped and replaced by the political party system, with a General Election called for June. On June 25, It was announced the National's, the Communist's and the Cat Party all won two seats each. Three days later, The Communist Party and the National Party went into coalition, with Hands retaining Presidency, and Ewan Whitmore becoming Vice-President.
On June 17, 2012, Senya claimed on Micras. The decision is currently pending. Senyan micras claim

Administrative Divisions

Senya is divided into 4 province, each with it's own flag, arms, and provincial governer.

Pond Province with a back-drop onto Cat's Corner. The image was taken from Rukoran territory. This is about a third of Senya encompassed into one image. Circle Province and Alley Province are further to the left.

List of Senyavites

  • Cally Anna - 22 April 2010 - 13 January 2011
  • Pav - 13 January 2011 - Present


The Fish Finger Sandwich is the national dish of Senya. It is usually served hot and on it's own

The national dish of Senya is the Fish Finger Sandwich. Adopted in November 2010, the dish consists of three fish fingers in two slices of bread. The dish is available throughout the UK, and even Ewan Whitmore, the Dictator of the Communist Republic of Dallingrad has eaten the food, which he described as 'Delicious'.

Foreign Relations of DES Senya

States that are Recognized by Senya

DES Senya recognizes all UN member states, and all of its allies, as well as

(Allthough the Vatican City is a fully recognized country, it is not part of the UN, and so is put on this list for that reason and that reason only).


Senya currently has 17 open relations with other micronations. 2 are Formal and 15 are informal.

Formal relations

Formal Alliances only happen once Senya and another country have a treaty inplace, and/or know the other leader very well.

Informal relations

Informal Alliances is when Senya and another country initially open diplomatic relations with each other.

Former Friends

Some Countries in the past used to have relations with Senya, however for one reason or another they are not currently in relations.

Future Friends

Some Nations are in the process of becoming in a relationship with Senya, but nothing has been finalised yet.

Declined Offers for Friendship

Some Nations never fully materialised relations and so they are placed here.



  • OAM - Senyan Embassy (opened: 3 Jan 2011)


Climate data for Alley Province
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 15.1
Average high °C (°F) 6.9
Average low °C (°F) 1.4
Record low °C (°F) −15.3
Source no. 1: KNMI[4]
Source no. 2: WorldClimate[5]


For More Information, see Sports in the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya.

Sport is a very important part of the culture of Senya, with Football, Rugby Sevens and Badminton all having various bodies which govern those games within Senya. Although Senya is not big enough for most sports, it uses nearby grounds for sports. For example, in November 2010, Senya used a nearby school's sports hall to host a badminton championship, and in May 2011, borrowed a rugby pitch to host a football game.
Senyan athletes have competed in many sports since the nation's foundation back in March 2010. In November 2010, Senya hosted two badminton championships, both of these saw Senya loose to athletes from Pambia and Guist, but President Hands said that the championships were 'fantastic' anyway.
In November 2010, Senya joined the MUSC and MFA, and signed up to the 2013 World Cup and created the British Isles Cup. In June 2011, the Senyan Football team were given an automatic place at the World Cup. In May 2011, Senya played Pambia in a friendly football game, beating them 6-2. Dispite this, Pambia joined the MFA a day after the game, meaning Senya did not gain any world ranking from the match and remained 31st in the world.


All of Senya's news is printed online, and as from the 18 November 2010, is done on Wordpress. It will also be available from the Newsfeed. A list of all news articles is here;

External links

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