Friends Alliance

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The Friends Alliance
New logo issued on the 19th November 2010
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
Establishment15 November 2010
• Census
Inter-Micronational Organization

The Friends Alliance is a micronational organisation founded on the 15th November 2010, in Reepham, Rukora. It comprises of all the Norfolk micronations.


Although it was officially started on the 15 November 2010, both Barnaby Hands and Ewan Whitmore had some sort of aggreement in-place before the birth of the alliance. DES Senya and CR Dallingrad both agreed on a formal alliance in November 2010.

Member States

The only three member states are DES Senya, CR Dallingrad and People's Republic of Pambia, who were formed by three friends, President Barnaby Hands of DES Senya, Dictator Ewan Whitmore of Dallingrad and President Edward R Hunt of People's Republic of Pambia.

Future Events

Although formal meetings should take place every week-day, the three countries anticipate future events. For example, Senya wants to push for a sports day, or even a football match, as Senya wants to show off it's football team. It is also rumored that New Pambia may be joining the alliance. Plus a re-design of the emblem .

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