Ewan Whitmore

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Ewan Whitmore OOTP
Dictator of CR Dallingrad
Name:Ewan Whitmore
Date of Birth:May 3rd 1997
Place of Birth:Norfolk, England
OccupationHead of CR Dallingrad

Ewan Whitmore is the Premier of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad and its founder.

Early life

Ewan Whitmore was born on May 3, 1997 in Norfolk, UK, and has lived there ever since. Interested in Art, Science and History, he discovered micronastionalism in his second year of high school.


Interested in communist ideals, Ewan thought about what it would be like to live in a communist nation and this was a leading factor in CR Dallingrad's creation. At thirteen years of age, Ewan founded New Russia after being introduced to micronationalism through Barnaby Hands. New Russia began to expand but after three months, Ewan reduced the micronation and a few months later, he renamed it CR Dallingrad due to foreseen problems with the name.

Ewan Whitmore is much loved by his people. He cares for the environment which he proved by opening Wellington National Park. He is also the player manager for the CR Dallingrad National Football Team and CR Dallingrad National Ice hockey Team. A good friend of Barnaby Hands and Edward R Hunt, of Senya and Pambia respectively, he joined the Friends Alliance on November 15. He is also the founder of the Virtual Micronations Ice Hockey League.

Preceded by: Dictator of New Russia Succeded by:
Office Created 27 March 2010 - 8 November 2010 Office Abolished
Preceded by: Dictator CR Dallingrad Succeded by:
Office Created 8 November - Unknown


Preceded by: Senyan Awards - Senyan Awards - Friendliest Non-Senyan Succeded by:
Award Created 2010 TBD

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