Edward Hunt

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Edward R Hunt
President of the People's Republic of Pambia
Name:Edward Hunt
Place of Birth:London, England
OccupationHead of the People's Republic of Pambia

Edward R Hunt is the current president, and founder, of the People's Republic of Pambia.


Edward was born in london and at the age of 5 moved to Norfolk. He did not stay there for long as there was always constant floodings. So, at the age of 10 he moved to Briston.

Edward's job is being the MP of the People's Republic of Pambia, and he recently was voted head of the PRP.

Personal life


Edward has a lot of hobbies, for example he likes model making and playing rugby union. He is rather good at it.


Edward Has 2 main friends, Ewan Whitmore and Barnaby Hands, who have always been his best friends. All of these Presidents and Dictators have made an aliance called the Friends Alliance.


Edward's ambitions are to restore peace in the PRP, and help save the planet. He started to do this by signing up with the Friends Alliance.