Senyan Commonwealth

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Senyan Commonwealth
Senyanese: Komonwelta de Sanya
Motto: Unity is where we stand
Anthem: O Senya

Senya indicated by dark green, commonwealth nations represented by red
CapitalBarnabaristius (ad interim)
Largest city...
Official languagesEnglish, German, Senyanese (Official) French, Korean (minority)
• Assembly Master
Barnaby Hands
• Senyavite
LegislatureAssembly of the Senyan Commonwealth
Establishment12 August 2011
• Census
Time zone(UTC -5 to +1)
Flag Name Long Name Region Population Federal Governor Date of Annexation Seats in Assembly
Nazri Krai Territory of Nazri Krai British Isles 1 Toby Hands 24 July 2011 1
Selestaten Territory of Selestaten Continental Europe 14 Max P. 12 August 2011 4
Austravia Territory of Austravia Continental Europe 7 Florian 12 August 2011 3
Wimbledon & Southfields Territory of Wimbledon and Southfields British Isles 81 Amanda 12 August 2011 4
Pape Territory of Pape North America 4 Nevil Keough 12 August 2011 2
New Campbellford Territory of New Campbellford North America 2 Mike Keough 12 August 2011 1