Senyan Commonwealth

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Senyan Commonwealth
Senyanese: Komonwelta de Sanya

Unity is where we stand
O Senya
Map of the Commonwealth of Senya.png
Senya indicated by dark green, commonwealth nations represented by red
Capital cityBarnabaristius (ad interim)
Largest city...
Official language(s)English, German, Senyanese (Official) French, Korean (minority)
Official religion(s)Secular
- Assembly MasterBarnaby Hands
- SenyavitePav
LegislatureAssembly of the Senyan Commonwealth
Established12 August 2011
Area claimedUnknown
Time zone(UTC -5 to +1)
Flag Name Long Name Region Population Federal Governor Date of Annexation Seats in Assembly
Flag of Nazri Krai.png Nazri Krai Territory of Nazri Krai British Isles 1 Toby Hands 2011/07/24 1
Flag of Selestaten.png Selestaten Territory of Selestaten Continental Europe 14 Max P. 2011/08/12 4
Flag of Austravia.png Austravia Territory of Austravia Continental Europe 7 Florian 2011/08/12 3
Flag of Wimbledon & Southfields (Senya).png Wimbledon & Southfields Territory of Wimbledon and Southfields British Isles 81 Amanda 2011/08/12 4
Flag of Pape (Senya).png Pape Territory of Pape North America 4 Nevil Keough 2011/08/12 2
Flag of New Campbellford (Senya).png New Campbellford Territory of New Campbellford North America 2 Mike Keough 2011/08/12 1