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Pav was a Russian Dward Hamster who served as Senyavite of Senya between January 2011 and February 2012. Named after footballer Roman Pavlyuchenko, he was a popular official in the Senyan Communist Party. He died in August 2012 from a heart-attack.


Early life

It is unknown how old Pav actually is, and his life is only documented from when he was brought from pet store Pets at Home.

Brought to Pre-Elections

Pav, who was brought alongside another Russian Dwarf Hampster, (what is thought to be his brother), Arshavin. They live together in a cage in Toby's bedroom. For the first day in the Hands household, they were kept a secret from Barnaby Hands's father.

Elections 2011

Pav stood as a candidate for the 2011 Senyan General Elections. Supported by many foreign communist governments, including Egtavia, he won by 1 vote, over Tiger Tim, the son of former-Senyavite Cally Anna.

Other Information

Preceded by: Senyavite of Senya Succeded by:
Cally Anna 13 January 2011 - 28 February 2012 Cally Anna

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