League of 10

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League of 10
Official logo
Official Ensign/Flag
Anthem of The League

Headquarters Reepham, UK
Manchester, UK

Official languageS English, Senyanese, Erephisian, Dallin, Draegir

Membership 6 Member States, 3 Observer States

Secretary-General Billy Neil
Vice-Secretary General Barnaby Hands

Foundation July 2011
Websites TBA

The League of 10 (also reffered to as Lo10, League of Ten or the Seaways-Norfolk Pact), is a treaty organisation uniting nations from Manchester, Huntingdon and Norfolk. The organisation was first suggested by Billy Neil of Erephisia in mid-July, but was founded later that month after the signing of the League of 7 Treaty by Hands, Neil and Pambian President Edward Hunt.

Member nations

The treaty of the League of 10 involves each nation that signs it to gain formal relations with one another.

List of Member nations

Signatory States

Observer States

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