Pond Province

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Pond Province
Pond Province Flag.png
'Motto: 'Land of the Fish!
• Census

The Pond Province is the most (and only) populated province in Senya. It is run by Goldie (a goldfish), who was appointed in April 2010.

Status within DES Senya

Pond Province is the most populated and most visited Province in DES Senya, with Circle being second, Alley third, and Cat's Corner fourth.

SR Pond and SR Circle Falls

SR Pond and SR Circle Falls are two of only four Senyan Reserves (National Parks) of Senya. The other two are SR Compost in Circle and SR Nettle Border in Alley. SR Pond contains the Pond and SR Circle Falls contains the waterfall and it's motor (The motor is located in Cat's Corner). Both are protected by law from damage. The Pond is cleaned twice a year, both in the summer months.

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