Circle Province

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Circle Province
Flag of Circle Province
Motto: A reward is what man deserves!
• Census

Circle Province is the most visited and the most important province tourist-wise in Democratic Environmental Society of Senya. It is ran by Pav (a Russian dwarf hampster).

Status within DES Senya

As far as tourism in the state goes, Circle Province is very important. It plays a big role in the running of the country, as the only electric plug in the state is located here.

Bi-Election Shock of Summer 2010

The first provincial mayor was Bolivia, a 4-year-old guinea pig. However, in August 2010, the Hands family came home to find her dead. President Barnaby was very upset at the news, meaning all of the animals he had named had died early. This caused Circle Province to have a bi-election. However, due to the circumstanses, this was posponed until late September 2010, when out of Pav, Arshavin & Jenny, Pav won, shocking the whole of Senya.

Sister Cities

City of St. John's, Dale Republic

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