City of St. John's

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City of St. John's
St. John's

St. John's
Photo of the City of St. John's

Location of the City of St. John's
Country Flag of Woking Dale Republic
District Woking
Founded 2011

Government City
Mayor Danny Clarke

Time zone DCT (UTC±0)

The City of St. John's known as a village in the United Kingdom is classed as a City in the Dale Republic, the City of St. John's has a population of 4,378 and is located some 4 miles from Woking City, the capital of the Dale Republic. Neighbouring communities include Goldsworth Park, Hook Heath, Horsell, and Knaphill. The city lies on the Basingstoke Canal (completed in 1794) and dates largely from the 19th century, when housing first began to be constructed in the area to accommodate workers employed at the local brickworks.

Dale National Football Stadium

‎On the outskirts of the city is the Winston Churchill School, where the Dale National Football Stadium is located on the schools ground. This connection to the school is where the name of the stadium comes from. The Churchill Stadium replaced the Goldsworth Stadium located next to the Goldsworth Park Lake, this was because that Churchill Stadium was considered to be a more professional pitch compared to that of the Goldsworth Stadium.

Sister Cities

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