Woking District

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Woking District
Woking flag.pngWoking Seal.png

District of the Dale Republic
Woking district map.png
CapitalWoking City
FoundedSeptember 22, 2011
GovernmentWoking Independence Party
Local MinisterDanny Clarke

Woking is the capital district of the Dale Republic and is the largest of the 3 Dale Republic districts. Located to the west of the republic, The district is the capital district of the Dale Republic capital, Woking City. Woking City is located in the center of the country is split into 8 sub-divisions.


Woking subdivisions.png
  • Woking
  • St Johns
  • Hook Heath
  • Mount Hermon
  • Mayford
  • Goldsworth Park
  • Knaphill
  • Brookwood


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